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  1. The World’s Best Motor Shows

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    The World’s Best Motor Shows

    Hundreds (if not thousands!) of motor shows are held around the world each year, and millions of car fanatics worldwide will travel any distance to see the latest releases.

    Auto shows are one of the best ways to bring car-lovers from around the world together in one place, along with some of the most famous car brands and manufacturers. Some of the world’s biggest events are car shows and events, so they really are worth looking into!

    If you’re struggling to find the perfect motor show or just wanted to see the latest revelations in the car world, here are some of the world’s best motor shows that we definitely recommend visiting.




    Frankfurt Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung

    The biggest event in the motor world is without a doubt the Frankfurt Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung. Attracting millions of visitors over its’ multiple days of exhibitions, the car show is held at the end of September every two years.

    The event started in the late 1800’s, but split into two parts in 1991. The show is now separated between Hanover and Frankfurt, with the two shows being mainly promotional.

    The majority of commercial vehicles are displayed in Hanover, and the Frankfurt event is mainly to showcase passenger vehicles. Split over 10 different exhibition halls, there’s no surprise that it’s the biggest in size!

    Shows like these also unveil the latest introductions to the car manufacturing world, with the Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 being first launched at the Frankfurt event.


    Geneva International Motor Show

    Much like the Frankfurt event, the Geneva International Motor Show is a favourite amongst global car fans.

    The event attracts hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts every year and debuts many new productions. Last March, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was first debuted at the event.

    Because Switzerland doesn’t have a car industry of its own, it provides neutral turf for other car manufactures to showcase their creations. No particular brands are favoured and the event is held in the heart of Europe, providing car fans from European countries with a chance to experience an excellent (and unbiased!) motor show every year.


    Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

    Also known as Auto China, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is where many car manufacturers from the Far East congregate and compete for sales.

    Every two years since 1990, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition displays many car brands from Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

    Considering a whopping 19.3million cars were produced in China, there’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular car shows in the world!


    North America International Autoshow

    Held in Detroit, the automotive capital of America, the North America International Autoshow is the best place for US automakers to show off their newest cars.

    This event is mainly consumer-based, with brands like General Motors and Ford being regular visitors. It has also influenced many car shows around the world; the New York Auto Show is just one!



    North America’s International Autoshow is also home to some of the best car award ceremonies. Truck of the Year is presented here, with press previews, industry & charity previews and public shows being spread across the 15 days.

    It is also where some of the best cars are introduced, including the Porsche 911 Targa and the Audi Q3 concept. Boasting a collection worth $7million, it’s definitely a dream destination for an automotive fan!


    Paris Motor Show

    One of the most elegant auto shows is the Paris Motor Show, which has been held in Paris for every two year since 1898. It was the first motor show ever, and attracted 1.2 million visitors in 2012!

    For luxury car owners who love to ooze class, elegance and suaveness, the Paris Motor Show is definitely a place you must visit.


    Woodward Dream Cruise

    Opposite from the classy cars and elegance from the Paris motor shows, the Woodward Dream Cruise is home for manly muscle car fans.

    The classic show is held on the third Saturday in August every year and is the world’s largest single-day event in the automotive industry. With over a million visitors in 2009 and over 300 muscle cars being raced, the event is a worldwide favourite.

    The motor show unofficially started in 1848 when carriage drivers would race along the roadway. It became a favourite strip for car lovers to race their cars, and over the years gradually turned into the best place to showcase beastly muscle cars.


    We’re sure that you’ll want to visit one of these motor shows, and when you’ve found your ideal car, you will need the best car warranty to protect it if the worst should happen.

  2. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mercedes

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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mercedes-Benz

    The oldest existing motor manufacturer which originated in Stuttgart has produced millions of luxury cars all over the world, but doesn’t just make fancy cars.

    The Mercedes-Benz brand has been creating cars for the public to enjoy since 1886, so it’s no surprise that they have a huge history! From the first diesel car to the creation of Smart cars, we’re sure that you didn’t know these facts.

    Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about Mercedes, and also what makes them a step ahead of many car manufacturers producing vehicles today.


    The first ever diesel car

    Mercedes-Benz have a long list of ‘firsts’ to their name, including their production of the first ever diesel car. Made with 3 wheels, a four-cylinder engine and 4 doors, the cost of the Mercedes-Benz 260D was the modern equivalent of the Mercedes E-Class.

    Although they stopped being produced in the late 1950’s, there is still one that you can visit! The Mercedes-Benz museum is home to one of the 260 D cars, available to view if you want to experience a small piece of their history.

    Daimler Benz was definitely onto a good lead when he created this, even if the top speed was only 10 miles per hour!


    The 3-star logo

    The infamous design of the Mercedes-Benz wasn’t all that it was now; it once consisted of four stars instead of 3!

    The three-pointed star signals their ability to move on land, water and air, but the 4th point to signal their ability to move in space was dropped. Although they shortly dabbled in non-land-based products, it was definitely best to drop the fourth edge.

    The 3-point star was introduced in 1910, and the circle around the circumference was incorporated in 1916.


    The first self-driving car

    If you think that self-driving cars are a recent phenomenon, you’re wrong!

    Back in 1985, the Mercedes brand created the world’s first self-driving car. The S-Class was manufactured with different technicalities to their standard cars, and had a top speed of 109 miles per hour… A pretty decent speed to reach for the €800million cost!

    The first edition of this car drove itself from Munich to Copenhagen and back in 1995. The project, which was part-funded by the European Union, was the world’s first introduction to self-driving cars.


    The ‘Mercedes’ name

    It’s common knowledge that the ‘Benz’ part of the brand came from founder Karl Benz, but when and why did the ‘Mercedes’ name come into play?

    It’s thought that the Mercedes part of Mercedes-Benz was taken from a famous racing car driver’s daughter. Emil Jellinek, a businessman and racer, had a tendency to name his items after his daughter.



    He was one of the first to buy a Mercedes-Benz car and it seems like the name stuck… It has been called Mercedes-Benz ever since!


    Smart cars

    Although you may think that Mercedes-Benz and smart cars are completely different, they are actually both owned by Mercedes.

    Swiss watchmakers Swatch had the bright idea to create a small, compact vehicle that complimented their reputation for class and luxury. They originally created the smart car concept and approached Volkswagen to help fund it, but passed on the offer due to their financial difficulties.

    The concept was then passed to Mercedes-Benz, who jumped at the chance to create the new car. Swatch worked with Mercedes to create the car, but Swatch eventually pulled out of the deal due to conflicts over design and performances.

    Smaller than a Mini, the smart car was launched in the US in 2008. Their fuel efficiency, easiness to park and stylish nature has definitely proved a favourite, and is now a car of choice for car lovers all over the world

    All Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made from the best quality, but you’ll need excellent car warranty to get peace of mind that your car is protected if the worst should happen.




  3. Driving Tests Around The Globe

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    A driving test can be a daunting and scary time for anybody. Join us as we take an in depth look at how passing your driving test differs around the globe. From quite easy, to pretty darn hard.




    Infograph courtesy of our good friends over at FA Wheels


  4. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Toyota

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    Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, with millions of cars being sold worldwide every year. Over the past century, vehicles from the award-winning Japanese brand have increased dramatically in value, resulting in a long list of cars that are distributed worldwide.

    The 11th largest company in revenue has manufactured over 200 million vehicles in the world, and has over 330,000 employees.

    However, many fans all over the world may not know these hidden facts about Toyota (which is surprising knowing that Toyota cars are on sale in more countries than McDonalds!).


    Their Names Were Not Originally Very Creative

    Unlike the Auris, Mirai and Prius vehicles that we see on the road today, the names of original Toyota cars were not very creative.
    The first cars that Toyota ever made were mind-blowingly basic. The name of the first car Toyota ever manufactured was ‘AA’, followed shortly by ‘AB’.
    A Toyota AA is definitely not as impressive as an AYGO or Avensis. The name-change is definitely something that we are happy about!

    The Toyota City

    A small city called Koromo, Japan was the original breeding ground of the Toyota brand.
    The company have been so successful that the city’s name was actually changed to Toyota. Soon after the name was changed, Toyota, Japan officially became Detroit’s sister city.
    Toyota, Japan is definitely a place to visit for all car super-fans, and is one of the best tourist attractions in the country!

    Toyota Was Saved By The Korean War

    In 1950, the height of the Korean War, the entire Toyota brand was on the verge of bankruptcy.
    Due to the war having such an exhausting effect on civilians and their lack of desire to purchase a new car, Toyota very nearly went bust.
    The only thing that saved the huge brand was an order from the United States. They placed a huge order for 5,000 vehicles, which put Toyota back on the market with a bit of spare cash behind them.

    Tough And Durable Cars

    It’s pretty amazing to think that Toyota have mastered the art of making future-proof vehicles.
    Around 80% of the cars produced by Toyota 20 years ago are still around now, and you’ll probably see one just normally driving down the street.
    One thing is for sure when you’re buying a Toyota car; there’s a good chance that it will still be in excellent condition in a few decades’ time!

    They Don’t Stop At Cars!

    Unlike many other of the largest car manufacturers all over the world, Toyota make more than cars.

    In 1997, Toyota created its first boat; the Ponam-28. This boat was the company’s first entrance into the marine business, where it managed to turn automotive engines into marine applications in one of the simplest ways possible.
    Toyota has also been creating and designing houses since the late 1960’s. It are amongst some of the largest house builders in Japan… Toyota seem to be taking over the entire country!

    The Land Cruiser Was Originally… A Jeep

    Contrary to popular belief, the Toyota Land Cruiser was originally called a Jeep.


    When the car was designed in 1951, Toyota copied the name ‘Jeep’; a pretty surprising factor considering that Jeep were one of the Land Cruisers biggest rivals!
    However, when Jeep cottoned onto the blatant name-steal, Toyota remarketed the vehicle as a Land Cruiser – the name we know today.

    The Leading Green Brand And #1 Worldwide

    Toyota has surged ahead of its competitors and made its mark as the leading Global Green Brand.

    Ever since its first production of the Toyota AA in 1935, the huge Japanese brand has also made its way to be the #1 Auto company in the world.

    Once thing is for sure that when you buy a Toyota car, you can get peace of mind knowing that they’re built to last! However, if the worst does happen, you’ll need the best car warranty for your Toyota vehicle. Get in touch today and talk to one of the team so that when the worst does happen, you are fully protected!

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