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Instant Car Warranty Quote!
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How We Compare

“I personally guarantee that you will not find a higher level of used car warranty protection at a lower price!”
Quentin Willson – Motoring Journalist

Comparing Car Warranties
Many car warranty companies only check your car out when you make a claim, sometime using this ‘inspection’ as a means of avoiding having to make the warranty payment.

Warrantywise have always tried to offer a genuine and transparent service, will make sure your car warranty is eligible at the time you take out the car warranty and as long as you continue to service your car properly, we will pay for any garage bills included in your plan, up to the value of your car.


Our Competitors

All Vehicle makes and models included. Cherry picking – expensive and higher risk vehicles are usually excluded from cover.
Warrantywise provide higher levels of cover with more parts included. All mechanical, all electrical, all electronic parts available. We even include parts which often go wrong such as vanos unit, clutch cover, drive plate, release bearing, brake discs and brake drums. Confusing variation in policies with reducing cover levels dependant on vehicle age and mileage. Cover for only a short list of parts, so if it’s not on the list – YOU PAY
For safety’s sake Warrantywise pay for Parts Replaced in Pairs when only one Part has failed. Includes shock absorbers, suspension springs, brake discs and drums. No contribution towards Parts Replaced in Pairs when only one Part has failed. If you need two springs or shock absorbers you will only get one, so YOU PAY the difference.
Consequential damage always covered. We don’t exclude this we simply cover all parts. Repairs can be logged from day one. Consequential damage failures often excluded. You think you’re covered because a covered part has failed, but YOU PAY because it was a consequence of a non-covered part
Plan Repair limit is set to value of Vehicle at time of booking. If your Vehicle value depreciates, our plan Repair limit will remain at the higher value regardless of how long your plan has run. Plan Repair limit equal to value of Vehicle at time of Repair. Your Vehicle depreciates and so will the value of cover available to pay any Repair, so – YOU PAY the difference.
No charge for betterment. Should you require a new engine or gearbox, YOU GET a new engine or gearbox and you won’t be asked to contribute towards the cost of repair. Betterment is a noxious little weasel word. If an expensive Part is thought to improve the value or condition of Vehicle, YOU PAY.
No forced plan excess. We allow you a voluntary excess and then will reduce your price significantly. Most warranties carry a forced excess of up to £50 for each Repair, so YOU PAY.
Repairs at any VAT registered garage of your choice including local garage or main dealers. Repairs at network garage – YOU PAY the difference if your garage Labour rate is above network rate.
Unlimited cover whilst driving in Europe. Cover in Europe limited to 50 days pa or less.
Emergency Repairs procedure when Warrantywise Repairs office is closed or if you are out of contact. No emergency Repairs procedure, customers must log all Repairs during the warranty company office hours.
Wide range of optional plan additions available such as: ABS, air conditioning, emissions, choice of garage labour rates, MOT failure and multimedia. Usually only a few additions are available and often include many main Vehicle parts previously excluded from main list, such as engine parts etc.
Repairs paid weekly, every Wednesday. Competitor repairs paid monthly or quarterly.
Comprehensive Repairs review and complaints procedure. Resolution within 3 days. Quentin to act as final arbiter for a complaint No Repair review procedure. The only complaint contact details usually provided are back to their own warranty company or Financial Ombudsman Service, making it difficult to get a review or escalate a complaint quickly.

Plan Cover Levels

04/40 Cover Level
06/60 Cover Level
08/80 Cover Level
10/100 Cover Level
12/120 Cover Level
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