Appliance Glossary

Many words and phrases used in the appliance warranty world can leave you feeling bamboozled. Here is our glossary to help you understand some of the more industry-specific words that are used when selecting or requesting repairs on your extended appliance warranty.

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Administsration fee

A fee of £35 to cover our administration costs and expenses.


Any information you may have supplied to us via either telephone or website quotation or booking systems in support of your requests.

Appliance Warranty Limited (we, us our)

Appliance Warranty Limited, The Rocket Centre, Trident Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 3NU herein referred to as Appliance Warranty Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wise Group Holdings.

Authorised Repairer

An independent and professional repairer authorised by Appliance Warranty Limited.


This is where a mechanical or electrical Part of your Home Appliance suddenly and unexpectedly stops working as it should (whether or not due to normal fair wear and tear) which requires repair or replacement before it will work properly.

Cancellation Fee

A fee of £50.00 to cover our cancellation expenses.

Cancellation Period

A period of 30 days from Your Plan Start Date.

Expected Object(s):

are those which are expected to be found and used by the Home Appliance in its usual operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (eg; clothing in a washing machine).


An optional monetary contribution (excess) to be paid by you towards the value of each and every repair which will be shown in Your Plan Schedule.

Geographical Limits

The area in which Your Plan is effective which includes; Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. (Your residence must be within this area).

Home Appliance

Any Home Appliance as identified on Your Plan Schedule. Located at your home address.

Home Appliance Value

The maximum amount that Your Plan will pay in total during the Period of Your Plan, including VAT, as shown on Your Plan Schedule. This is usually the cost of a replacement Home Appliance or the price you paid for your Home Appliance (proof required).

Level of Your Plan

As described within Your Plan document (this booklet) and as specified within Your Personalised Plan Schedule.


Any mechanical, electrical or serviceable Part, capable of replacement, which forms part of your Home Appliance’s original specification and is included within the Level of Your Plan. (Mechanical Parts have contact, movement and function. Electrical Parts are powered by electricity. Unless specifically mentioned, wiring, connectors, pipes, hoses and rubber bushes are not included).

Pay As You Go Option

A 12 month Home Appliance Repair & Service Plan with the option to renew monthly (see Plan Start Date and section H5.3).

Period of Your Plan

The period shown on Your Plan Schedule.

Plan Holder

(You/Your/Yours) the named owner of the Home Appliance as detailed on the Plan Schedule.

Plan Schedule

Issued by us after receiving your payment based upon the Application you have made to us and which confirms our acceptance of Your Plan.

Plan Start Date

The date Your Plan begins, as detailed within Your Plan Schedule. Your Plan Start Date must be after both payment is received and any required Service Check has passed.

Repair Cost

The total of call out, parts and labour cost, including any applicable VAT.

Repair Authorisation Form

A form issued by Us to You which you should complete and return for the Repair Cost be paid.

Repair Number

A number issued by us to you or to your Repairer as proof that a repair has been authorised.

Service Check

The preliminary questions and correct information declared by you at the time of application, we may require independent verification of the serviceability and eligibility of Your Home Appliance by an Authorised Repairer.

Servicing Handbook

The handbook issued with the Home Appliance by the manufacturer (online, or within the Home Appliance’s integrated data information centre) which details the operation, servicing and maintenance requirements for your Home Appliance

Unexpected Object(s)

are foreign objects which are not expected to be found and used by the Home Appliance in its usual operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Value Added Tax which will be calculated at the prevailing rate (IMPORTANT NOTE: we cannot legally pay you or your repairer the VAT element of any Repair Cost without a VAT invoice made out to Appliance Warranty Limited).

Your Plan

This booklet along with Your Plan Application, Level of Your Plan details and Plan Schedule which together contain the full terms and conditions of Your Plan.

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