Appliance Warranty Repairs

This section sets out (in order) what you should do if you suspect your Home Appliance needs our attention, as follows:

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Repairs Procedure

1. IMPORTANT – You should stop using your Home Appliance immediately if you become aware that there is a warning light or buzzer indicating a fault. You should also stop if there is any other indication such as an unusual vibration or noise, leaking water, gas or steam may indicate a fault, but is not proof of the Breakdown of any Part (as defined) within the terms of Your Plan. In such cases, isolate the appliance from any electricity water or gas supply. If you aggravate any Breakdown causing further damage, we may not settle the Repair Cost in full or at all.

2. If you believe that any fault may become the subject of a repair under the terms of Your Plan (even if you are not sure) you should report the fault to us as soon as practicable. Any failure to notify us about any suspected Breakdown within 7 days (without good reason) may result in any subsequent request for repairs being rejected.

3. No repair work should commence before we have approved it and issued a Repair Number. Should you decide to give permission to your own repairer to commence or complete repair work, without a Repair Number being obtained, we will not meet your Repair Cost because you have denied us our right to fully investigate your request and/or inspect your Home Appliance and determine any faults.

4. Before we authorise any repair, we may decide to instruct an Authorised Repairer to inspect your Home Appliance or any Part together with any appropriate documentation. When this right is exercised, we shall have no liability for any loss to you or arising from any delay your Repairer may have in commencing repairs. We may also re-charge the cost of any attempted and failed inspection of your Home Appliance due to your Repairer failing to present your Home Appliance at a previously arranged time and date.

5. We may (at our own cost) transport your Home Appliance or any Part to an Authorised Repairer of our own choice in order to affect repairs.

6. Please log your request via our website at www. or telephone our Repairs Office on: 0800 054 2171 Our Repairs Office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

We require that you contact us first, and prefer that you use our Authorised Repairer.

You can appoint your own repairer and in this event you must make sure they are VAT registered and that they follow the Repairs Procedure set out as follows:

When you decide to appoint your own repairer you accept that we may correspond with your repairer directly on your behalf in relation to repairs under Your Plan.

We will ask you (or your repairer) to provide the following information:

  • Your Plan number (found on the Plan Schedule) and your name and address
  • Your Home Appliance serial number
  • Details of the Part they believe is at fault
  • The time and date the Part failed
  • A Parts and Labour estimate for the total cost of repairs
  • Any photographic evidence to assist assessment of the fault/Parts

We will then confirm

  • That the Part is included within the terms of Your Plan and whether we exercise our discretion and authorise the Repair Cost and issue a Repair Number or,
  • Whether we require your Home Appliance to be examined (at our expense) by an Authorised Repairer prior to us making any firm decision or
  • If we prefer to transport your Home Appliance, or a Part (at our expense) to an Authorised Repairer of our choice

Diagnostics and Dismantling – It is your own responsibility to authorise any preliminary diagnostics together with the dismantling of any Part of your Home Appliance as may be required for an accurate determination of any Part Breakdown to be made. Your Plan will only pay for such diagnostic and dismantling work, if reasonable and if assessed by us as being within the cost of a valid repair, otherwise all such work is at your own risk and expense.

If your Home Appliance is integrated into or forms part of a piece of furniture or unit(s) that needs dismantling to gain access to repair your Home Appliance then it is your responsibility to authorise (at your own expense) any such work in order to allow our Authorised Repairer to gain access to your Home Appliance to repair it. (If in doubt, please check with us before agreeing to any such work).

Once we have authorised The Repair Cost within the Level of Your Plan, please ensure that your repairer does the following:

  • Makes a note of the Repair Number issued by us, and
  • Completes the repair to your own satisfaction and provides you with their Repairer’s VAT invoice made out to Appliance Warranty Limited, The Rocket Centre, Trident Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 3NU.
  • Your Repairer should include the Repair Number, the Home Appliance serial number and Your Plan number. Note: We may require payments due from you before we authorise any Repair Cost.

We will not validate any repair and issue payment against the Repair Cost until we have:

  • confirmed the Breakdown of a Part within the terms and conditions of Your Plan
  • received a copy of your repairer’s VAT invoice made out to Appliance Warranty Limited, The Rocket Centre, Trident Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 3NU. (If you do not provide a Repairer’s invoice addressed to us, we will not be able to reimburse you the VAT amount)
  • received copies of any other supporting documentation we may have requested

If you have not provided all requested information within 30 days, your repair request will not be authorised. After such time, we will review the reason for the delay and decide, within our discretion, whether or not to accept your repair request.

We may decline your repair request and provide our reasons why your request does not meet with the terms and conditions of Your Plan.


In order to protect ourselves against fraudulent requests, we may from time to time, carry out more detailed checks and investigations which may delay our authorisation process. We apologise if you are innocent and ask you to be patient and comply with our requests for further information. We will not be liable for any loss of the use of your Home Appliance or other expenses, but do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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