What’s Covered

In order to claim to be the UK’s highest level of warranty cover, we have designed a plan that will give you total peace of mind. Find out how, below.

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What's Covered


Where a mechanical or electrical part of your home Appliance suddenly and unexpectedly stops working as it should (whether or not due to normal fair wear and tear) which required repair or replacement before it will work properly.

All Makes and Models

There are hundreds of different makes and models in the UK, we cover all of them.

Approved Repairers

If your appliance becomes faulty and needs repairing, we will arrange for an approved repairer to assess the repair.

Replacement Appliance

If your appliance fault is covered within the terms of the plan and a repair is not possible, we will arrange for a brand new Appliance to the same or nearest equivalent specifications. Delivery and Installations costs are not included in the replacement.


Everything is spelt out in plain English and written by Anthea turner herself, so you can rest assured in its honesty and transparency

What's Not Covered

Home Appliances Excluded

Any home Appliance inaccurately described by you within your Application or on Your Plan Schedule.

Any Home Appliance older than 10 years from the date of manufacture even if this age limit is reached during the Period of Your Plan.

The failure of your Home Appliance to operate due to the withdrawal of any service by a third-party provider.

Any Home Appliance which at any time is damaged, lost stolen or subject to fire or flood.

Any Home Appliance used within a business or for a business purpose.

Any Home Appliance which is not owned by you personally.

Any Home Appliance modified which from the manufacturers original specifications.

Parts Excluded

All non-mechanical and non-electrical Parts.

Any part particularly excluded from or not specifically included within your Plan. The repair or replacement of any Part not authorised by us.

Any Part damaged due to it being dropped, forced or used incorrectly.

Any Part which has suffered a Breakdown due to a lack of or incorrect routine servicing, negligence, neglect, misuse, damage, theft or attempted theft, accident or any Part not reported at the time of repair.

Parts covered by any other plan, warranty, insurance, guarantee or goodwill offer of settlement.

Cleaning of the Home Appliance or Parts of the Home Appliance.

Exterior trim and fittings, glass panels, batteries, fuses, bulbs, LED’s and Paintwork. Parts which fail to operate correctly or are damaged due to incorrect installation other than as part of a repair covered by your Plan.


If at any time during the period of Your Plan we use our discretion to authorise a repair on a goodwill basis which would otherwise have been excluded, then this does not set any precedent and does not mean we will necessarily authorise any similar future repairs.

Any liability for damage to property, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses or any other loss caused directly or indirectly by an Authorised Repairer or in any other event giving rise to a repair request under the terms of Your Plan.

Any liability caused directly or indirectly by war, riot or any similar event or by vandalism, theft or attempted theft from the Home Appliance or by bad weather such as lightning, wind or flood.

Delivery & Installation

When a replacement has been authorised, we do not cover for delivery and installation of the Appliance

Anthea Turner

“As someone who takes immense pride in her home, I understand how important it is to take care of the appliances which are so vital to the running of a busy household and that’s why I’ve teamed up with Warrantywise. I have designed this warranty to provide you with the highest cover in the UK to offer you complete peace of mind against expensive repair bills with no hidden costs!”

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