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Below you'll find a list of reasons written by Anthea Turner, explaining why we offer the highest level of appliance Warranty Protection in the UK and why you should choose Warrantywise as your Appliance Warranty provider.

Appliance Warranty Quote

It only takes 60 seconds!

Appliance Warranty Quote

It only takes 60 seconds!

Anthea Turner

“As someone who takes immense pride in her home, I understand how important it is to take care of the appliances which are so vital to the running of a busy household and that’s why I’ve teamed up with Warrantywise. I have designed this warranty to provide you with the highest cover in the UK to offer you complete peace of mind against expensive repair bills with no hidden costs!”

Anthea Turner

1. Protection covered from day 1!

We want to make sure you are fully covered, from the start of your plan until the expiry. Fingers crossed your washing machine won't breakdown suddenly on day 1 but if it does we will cover you on any valid repair. One of our largest competitors don't cover you for the first 30 days.

2. No contribution excess!

We don't require you to pay an excess at the time of a repair.

3. 30 day money back guarantee!

You can cancel your plan at any time within the first 30 days and providing you have not requested that we meet the cost of any repairs, we will cancel your plan and refund your payment without any deduction.

4. You will get a brand new appliance if it is decided yours needs to be replaced!

If your appliance fault is covered within the terms of the plan and a repair is not possible, we will arrange for a brand new Appliance to the same specifications for you.

5. We will cover Parts, labour & call out fee's!

You would be responsible for delivery, installation & removal of the old appliance. it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange work to be undertaken on an appliance.

6. We cover all appliance makes and models up to the appliance being up to 10 years old!

We don't specifically exclude any make or model.

7. Our Terms & conditions are published online for you perusal!

They can be viewed and downloaded here to ensure you fully understand what is covered under the UK's best appliance warranty even before you book your plan.

8. We will provide you with an authorized repairer in your area!

Warrantywise will provide you the full service by taking away the hassle by contacting a reputable authorized repairer in your area, sending them out at a time convenient & liaising with them to fix your broken appliance.

9. I, Anthea Turner endorsed the plan!

I wanted to make sure all homeowners have the best home Appliance warranty plan and this is what Warrantywise are offering along with great customer service & peace of mind. When you book a plan you will find my email address if you need to contact me directly (and yes it really is me).

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