7 Things You Didn’t Know About Toyota

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, with millions of cars being sold worldwide every year. Over the past century, vehicles from the award-winning Japanese brand have increased dramatically in value, resulting in a long list of cars that are distributed worldwide.

The 11th largest company in revenue has manufactured over 200 million vehicles in the world, and has over 330,000 employees.

However, many fans all over the world may not know these hidden facts about Toyota (which is surprising knowing that Toyota cars are on sale in more countries than McDonalds!).


Their Names Were Not Originally Very Creative

Unlike the Auris, Mirai and Prius vehicles that we see on the road today, the names of original Toyota cars were not very creative.

The first cars that Toyota ever made were mind-blowingly basic. The name of the first car Toyota ever manufactured was ‘AA’, followed shortly by ‘AB’.

A Toyota AA is definitely not as impressive as an AYGO or Avensis. The name-change is definitely something that we are happy about!

The Toyota City

A small city called Koromo, Japan was the original breeding ground of the Toyota brand.

The company have been so successful that the city’s name was actually changed to Toyota. Soon after the name was changed, Toyota, Japan officially became Detroit’s sister city.

Toyota, Japan is definitely a place to visit for all car super-fans, and is one of the best tourist attractions in the country!

Toyota Was Saved By The Korean War

In 1950, the height of the Korean War, the entire Toyota brand was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Due to the war having such an exhausting effect on civilians and their lack of desire to purchase a new car, Toyota very nearly went bust.

The only thing that saved the huge brand was an order from the United States. They placed a huge order for 5,000 vehicles, which put Toyota back on the market with a bit of spare cash behind them.

Tough And Durable Cars

It’s pretty amazing to think that Toyota have mastered the art of making future-proof vehicles.

Around 80% of the cars produced by Toyota 20 years ago are still around now, and you’ll probably see one just normally driving down the street.

One thing is for sure when you’re buying a Toyota car; there’s a good chance that it will still be in excellent condition in a few decades’ time!

They Don’t Stop At Cars!

Unlike many other of the largest car manufacturers all over the world, Toyota make more than cars.

In 1997, Toyota created its first boat; the Ponam-28. This boat was the company’s first entrance into the marine business, where it managed to turn automotive engines into marine applications in one of the simplest ways possible.

Toyota has also been creating and designing houses since the late 1960’s. It are amongst some of the largest house builders in Japan… Toyota seem to be taking over the entire country!

The Land Cruiser Was Originally… A Jeep

Contrary to popular belief, the Toyota Land Cruiser was originally called a Jeep.


When the car was designed in 1951, Toyota copied the name ‘Jeep’; a pretty surprising factor considering that Jeep were one of the Land Cruisers biggest rivals!

However, when Jeep cottoned onto the blatant name-steal, Toyota remarketed the vehicle as a Land Cruiser – the name we know today.

The Leading Green Brand And #1 Worldwide

Toyota has surged ahead of its competitors and made its mark as the leading Global Green Brand.,/p> Untitled

Ever since its first production of the Toyota AA in 1935, the huge Japanese brand has also made its way to be the #1 Auto company in the world.

Once thing is for sure that when you buy a Toyota car, you can get peace of mind knowing that they’re built to last! However, if the worst does happen, you’ll need the best car warranty for your Toyota vehicle. Get in touch today and talk to one of the team so that when the worst does happen, you are fully protected!