Apple Map Cars coming to a street near you

Apple have confirmed that they will be unleashing an army of Apple Map Cars on UK streets to build a Google Maps style service

Apple Map Cars Coming To A Street Near You

Interesting news for Apple fans this week with an official update on the Apple website saying they will be releasing street cars across the UK in order to improve its Apple Maps service.

Until the release of iOS 7, Google maps was the only real contender when it came to providing a map service integrated with smart phones and tablets. However, in 2012 Apple decided that they would make use of their own map software called "Apple Maps" for their future phone releases. This was one heck of a changeover and people started to get frustrated with Apple for giving them an inferior map system to deal with. Until now?

Faces captured by the cameras will be blurred

Now that Apple will be collecting it's own data for the UK, the Apple Maps system is set to become a lot more refined and accurate in the very near future. As with Google Maps, Apple have said that any number plates or faces captured by the cameras will be blurred out so as to protect peoples identity and privacy.

If you want to be seen on Apple Maps one day then pull out your loudest shirt or hand knitted Christmas jumper and take to the streets between the 15th and 30th of June. Reports suggest that the data collected will be used in the iOS 9 release which is due to provide a plethora of new services including "transit view" which will aim to give directions for buses, trains, tubes and ferries.

London, Birmingham, West Midlands and East England

Specifically, Apple will be sending its fleet around the Greater London, Birmingham, West Midlands and East England areas to snap as many buildings, landmarks and new roads as possible. Apple were criticized in the past for hotels being incorrectly marked and even missing out some train stations all together so it makes sense they will be collecting images and data from some of the busiest places.

Once these areas have been covered, Apple will move on to Scotland and Wales. We couldn't find any reports to suggest that Apple Cars will be coming to the Warrantywise offices in the North West of England any time soon but this may change.

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