Does Your Current Extended Car Warranty Exclude Consequential Damage?

One deciding factor enabled us to bring Quentin Willson on board with Warrantywise: He wanted to design the warranty himself. "No problem", we said. Quentin wanted his warranty product to be different, ensuring complete transparency and honesty for all its customers. The main task at hand was to remove any terms Quentin deemed to be 'weasel words', noxious clauses some insurance firms use to provide a reason for not authorising a claim. One such term concerns ‘consequential damage’, which is where a covered part suffers a failure as a result of another part of your car failing which is not covered by the warranty. This can mean that, even if a listed part has failed, you may still be liable to pay because the fault was initially caused by a part which was not listed. Not very fair, is it?

We exclude any such clauses and aim to provide you with the clearest set of terms and conditions possible, so you know exactly what you're getting with Warrantywise. We realise not all of you will go through the plan book meticulously, so for those people we have a useful terms and conditions video below which shows Quentin going through the finer details with you. Definitely worth a watch.

If your current extended car warranty with another provider does have a consequential damage get-out clause, think twice about the protection you could be getting on the whole. Come direct to Warrantywise for an extended car warranty quotation today. The price may surprise you, and we certainly do go the extra mile in looking out for our customers. The cover you'll receive is the UK's best, and we are proud to be able to boast a 95% customer satisfaction rating for 2014.