Google Reveals Self-driving Car Prototype

There aren’t many industrial pies Google won’t stick their technological fingers in to, and vehicle manufacture is definitely the most elaborate, particularly when you consider the end game here is to provide “vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving”.

This undoubtedly arduous task was first conveyed over 3 years ago and this week Google have unveiled a fully self-driving prototype, inviting a few lucky individuals to take a ‘test drive’. Although no actual ‘driving’ takes place, the concept is still a radical and innovative one. Notable absentees are the steering wheel and pedals, with the prototype needing just a simple push of a button to “take you where you want to go”. Using the latest software and sensors imagined by some of the greatest minds in the world at Google, this car can remove blind spots and detect potentially hazardous objects from great distance. For now, the vehicle is only capped at 25mph.

We really can’t picture a vehicle of this stature or stage of development to be able to tackle a busy motorway or city crossroad junction, although Google do appear particularly confident in its capabilities moving forward, stating that drunk and distracted driving will be a thing of the past. We wait with eager anticipation for further news on this project, especially when it could potentially have a positive effect on the future of road safety. For now though all we know is that 100 prototypes will be manufactured, before Google undertake a rigorous testing programme to learn more of the pros and cons to introducing such an invention to the road user of today.

We have to question the lack of control here, but then aren’t many accidents caused by human error? Perhaps taking the control away is the answer?