Hyundai Writes a Giant Message to Astronaut Dad

Hyundai have teamed up with Stephanie from Texas, to send a message to the stars and let her Dad know that she loves him.

Hyundai write message to astronaut dad

The touching gesture from Hyundai has been circling the internet and it's easy to see the appeal. As the video progresses you are reminded of feelings you thought were lost, you find yourself hoping with all your heart that Stephanie's astronaut Dad will be able to read the message from Space and most importantly, it reminds you of the importance of Family.

Stephanie's Dad will have seen some indescribable beauty out there beyond the final frontier and we are willing to bet that this sandy message takes the title.

Of course the promotional stunt was all about promoting Hyundai's 2015 Genesis which looks slicker and more stylish than ever. Some suggest that a lot of the design cues have been inspired by Chrysler and other competing models but we will never know for sure. The Genesis certainly looks well at any rate and with all of the on board kit available, you might just be tempted to part with that £50k.

Hyundai write giant message to astronaut dad genesis

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