Is Your Vehicle Winter-Ready?

The colder months are on their way and there's no better time to start preparing for the inevitable chilly mornings and iced-up windscreens! We've put together our top tips to help keep your car running through the winter and beyond.


Check your battery

Cold weather plays havoc with car batteries! Not only does it make it harder for the engine to turn over, it can also affect the power output that a battery is able to deliver. If your battery is starting to struggle, it may be best to replace it now before the cold weather sets in.

Winter Tyres

Do you drive frequently in winter? Your tyres are your vehicles only point of contact with the road, so it's crucial that they are in good condition for your safety - particularly in colder weather! You should have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread depth by law. Alternatively, winter tyres provide excellent grip and additional safety.

Windscreen Wash and Antifreeze

These are crucial for keeping your car running in winter! Antifreeze stops the water in the engine's cooling system from freezing and screen wash with antifreeze will prevent your washer jets from becoming frozen. Make sure you check these on a regular basis when it's cold and keep them topped-up as required.

Emergency Car Kit

It's a good idea to create an 'emergency car kit' to keep in your boot so you're always prepared if you become stranded in cold weather. Include items like: mobile phone charger, torch, tow rope, first aid kit, de-icer, food and drink, a hazard triangle, and some warm clothes or blankets. So you'll be prepared for every eventuality!

Warranty Protection

We offer the UK's best used car warranty to give you complete peace of mind, no matter what the weather! We offer Day 1 Cover and Roadside Assistance & Recovery so you won't be left stranded if your car lets you down. Find out more or get a quick car warranty quote.

Please note, Warrantywise plans do not cover batteries and tyres. The above is purely for information purposes.