LaFerrari - A Project of Beauty and Exclusivity


‘Ferrari’s Most Ambitious Project’, a statement direct from the Italian supercar giant to describe their new incarnation, and we can’t not agree. The LaFerrari is as much an advancement in technology as it is beautiful, and with only 499 being made (why not a round 500?) we can’t help but feel a slight vex of envy as we consider those who will be lucky enough to strap themselves in for the ride.

Let’s see why the LaFerrari is the talk of the industry currently. What makes it so special? Well for starters it’s the first production car that Ferrari has manufactured to possess the HY-KERS System, the F1-derived hybrid solution which combines an electric motor with the monstrous classic V12, producing over 950 CV at 9000 rpm. Boom.

The LaFerrari is the also the first direct injection engine to be mid-rear-mounted, delivering speeds of up to 350km/h, hitting 200km/h in less than 7 seconds. Frightening. The Ferrari website gives you the opportunity to ‘START THE ENGINE’, which we at Warrantywise will let you know now, isn’t advisable if one is wearing headphones at considerable volume...

Ferrari hasn’t just focused on the performance under the chassis and bonnet, and speak of ‘Synergy’ when they describe the relationship between the Ferrari Styling Centre and the engineering team in the creation of the LaFerrari. It appears they get on very well and have quite the harmonious working relationship, judging by their latest supercar. We must say, ‘supercar’ doesn’t quite do this beauty justice. We think Ferrari said it best in Geneva last year when describing the LaFerrari as an ‘Alpha Supercar’. Very fitting indeed.

Any manufacturer that includes their namesake on a new product has a lot to live up to, and we’re sure the LaFerrari does that. It will need to for those planning to spend the £1m+ to acquire one....

Can Ferrari better this offering in the future? You would think so but time will tell. The initial plan is to filter the groundbreaking technology from the LaFerrari down in to the remainder of the Ferrari range, so those of you who don’t manage to obtain one, can still take advantage of the innovative specification in the future.

A used car warranty may well be out of the question for the LaFerrari, but if you love motors like the new offering from the Italian giants, you will love your own motor too, and we can bet you’ve got some nice wheels sitting on the driveway. Are its repair bills covered? If not get a quote from Warrantywise today by entering your registration above.