Nissan Leaf Redefining Electric Cars

There was once a time when electric vehicles were seen as a slow, liberal creation that would never take off. The UK built Nissan Leaf is changing all that...

Nissan Leaf Infographic - The best EV in the world

The UK's most Popular Electric Car

With a 26% slice of the entire electric car market in Europe and over 100,000 global sales, Nissan have certainly done a fine job of showing the world what an electric car can do. Something else you may not have known? It's built in it's entirety in Sunderland, England.

Now in its second generation, the Nissan Leaf has had plenty of upgrades, thus making it more practical and desirable to the wider audience. Well known Leaf driver Robert Llewellyn recently did a fantastic review of the Leaf, so if you want to know more about the UK's most popular electric car, check out the video below:

Range Anxiety

The main issue with purely electric cars is that people don't generally trust them to travel long distances in case they run out of juice. This "range anxiety" is proving to be unfounded if you own a Nissan Leaf.

Guillaume Cartier, the Vice President of European sales and marketing for Nissan said: “Data from our CarWings telematics system shows us that Nissan LEAF drivers drive 40% more kilometres than the European average for petrol or diesel cars, covering over 16,500 km per year. This data demonstrates that this car is the primary car for many households and that is changing the consumer perception of electric cars.”

Also adding “We can now see the impact that word of mouth is having on our sales, with 95 percent of our customers happy to recommend their car to a friend and 50 percent saying they would never go back to diesel or petrol. This kind of powerful advocacy, combined with an increasing awareness of the massive running cost savings electric car drivers experience, is why our Nissan LEAF sales continue to grow.”

"Shining beacon of sustainability"

Nissans GB EV Manager Paul O’Neill said, “The Nissan LEAF is a shining beacon of sustainability and the future of motoring. Not only is it saving our customers money in running costs, but it we are now seeing how it is helping people become more environmentally sensitive by reducing their carbon footprint.”

Shining beacon is one way of putting it. In fact, a range of Nissan Leaf EV's are expected to have a brand new ultra violet paint job that soaks up solar energy in the daytime and makes the car glow in the dark at night. The paint, which is made by Nissan, contains a rare compound called Strontium Aluminate which is a rare but completely natural product of the Earth. The Japanese automaker will be the first to use such paint on it's vehicles and if glowing in the dark wasn't impressive enough, the paint job is expected to last for 25 years.

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