Quentin Willson's Guide To Being A Wise Dealer

Quentin Willson has taken yet another positive step in the motoring world by unveiling a brand new video guide for car dealers and more specifically, used car warranty. In the guide, Quentin meticulously goes through the reasons why utilising car warranty in your dealership is of great benefit, whilst recommending his very own car warranty product provided by Warrantywise, a name already well established in the car dealer market, as well as the private arena too.

He says: “Offering the best used car warranty possible protects not just you but your customers, we know that, but think about this: a third of the cars you sell, will fail in the first 3 months and that is a scary thought.”

“Having the best cover could be the difference between making that sale or losing out to the bloke down the road who can offer more peace of mind and better value for money”

Quentin tells us how ‘Thousands of car dealers, many of them big main agents selling very glamorous metal, have already chosen Warrantywise for the simple reason that they know their reputations will always be safe”

He goes on to say: “Warrantywise has been leading the UK warranty market for 15 years” And he noted very importantly “Warrantywise are the only warranty company in the UK to openly publish how much they pay out in claims every single week”

The video guide was filmed on location at Bowker Ribble Valley, an executive used car and Maserati main dealership, who operate Warrantywise warranties to great success already. Quentin spoke at length with dealer principle at Bowker Jim Gregory.

Jim said: “We put a warranty on every single car we sell. The reason being, I found them to be the best on the market, it protects the customers, but more importantly, it protects me. I know when the car goes out it has the cover and the level of cover I need it to have”

When asked about whether the warranty assists when selling the car Jim said: “Yes it does help us sell cars. We can sell a car with confidence and explain to the customer about the warranty.”

He added: ”It’s good for the salesman, they have confidence, it’s good for the guys in the back, they have confidence in the repairs, but more importantly the customer has an understanding of what they have”

Jim’s final thought was that he “couldn’t be happier”, which is great feedback from such a prestigious dealership, and a great selling tool for the Warrantywise dealer product.

The video guide can be found on the Warrantywise Dealer website and on the company’s YouTube channel If you’re a car dealer and want more information about what Warrantywise can bring to your dealership, please 01254 355104 or email dealers@warrantywise.co.uk.