Snow Tyres - The Only Way to Roll this Winter

With the UK Met Office issuing severe weather warnings and the talk of multiple inches of snow and hazardous driving conditions, we could all probably do with donning some high quality snow tyres for the next few weeks.

Snow Tyres

Of course you may need to go out and purchase some as not everybody has snow tyres just lying around. However, imagine if you could utilise these futuristic James Bond-style snow tyres? These convertible Winter tyres are a concept design by well-known tyre manufacturer Nokian. Check out the video below.

They are the first tyres to have snow studs built in that can be deployed and retracted electronically by the driver, which is both a sizeable step forward in technology and seriously impressive.

Now while this is a perfectly working concept, the reality of using such tyres in the UK is slightly more problematic due to the fact that studded snow tyres are now illegal here.

Don't despair just yet. There's a large range of choice out there for the Great British motorist, and here are a few of those choices helpfully outlined by Auto Express. Visit each link below for their in-depth test results and review.

Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision should you come to purchase some snow tyres for your pride and joy.

You might also want to check out our Winter Driving Guide for tips and advice on the best way to handle your vehicle on snowy, icy roads. Take care out there and drive safe!

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