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The New Ford S-Max at a glance: Fords latest hatch back

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Since 2006 the Ford S-Max has continued to dazzle and confuse, and this year is no different. The shiny new 2014 model is certainly eye-catching, and is set to be unveiled this week at the Paris Motor Show.

The S-Max made a name for itself as THE sporty seven seater and this year Ford have taken this to new levels. Featuring an Aston Martin style grill and front wheel arch racing "gills", the boat has been well and truly pushed out.

The range of engines also means that if you choose to, you can get from 0-60mph in 9.0 seconds using a 2.0 diesel engine. Who ever said family cars were boring?

Interior and technology

The modern interior of the New Ford S-MAX has a crisp, efficient look about it and feels classier than its predecessors. With flexible seating options, you can easily fit the whole family inside without any discomfort and the full-length panorama roof allows plenty of sunlight to fill the cabin.


Auto-Start-Stop technology, the Ford Eco Mode system and Smart Regenerative Charging are just a few features you can expect to find. This innovative charging system converts the force generated while braking into electrical energy and uses this to charge the battery. There are more gadgets in the S-Max than ever before and the car really does get to know the driver, offering helpful advice on fuel consumption when it has had time to assess your driving style.

The 2015 edition is the same size as the old model but the seats are much easier to manoeuvre in the second and third row due to them being power operated, and more air bags have been added to the second row. The S-Max will also have the option for the Hands Free Tail Gate ( first seen in the Kuga ) meaning the boot will automatically open as you swipe a foot under the bumper.

It's based on the new Mondeo platform which is due for release in a few months time. If the S-Max is anything to go by, we're in for a treat!

Engine and performance

Ford haven't given too much away with the engine but you can expect a 118bhp 2.0 TDCi with a six speed manual gearbox, also a 148bhp and a 177bhp units with a six speed manual gearbox or a dual clutch transmission. There's also a newly released 1.5 litre ecoboost engine with 158bhp or a 237bhp 2.0 ecoboost too.


Ford have also brought 4 wheel drive into the new S-Max for the first time and you can also opt for Adaptive Steering Which will make it easier to manoeuvre depending on the speed your driving.


If punctures are something you are concerned with, opt for the innovative runflat tyres with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (available with 17" 5x2-spoke alloy wheels).

Design and style

Ford's designers have been working in high gear to improve and refine the S-Max's looks and have said they want the car to look like its moving, even when its not. Mostly based on the Kinetic design, the New Ford S-Max has a muscular yet aerodynamic style and it really is attractive. The bonnet and grill have undergone some drastic changes to really give it that aggressive touch that its predecessors lacked.

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Pricing and availability

This new generation of Ford is set to take the UK market by storm and the S-Max will be on sale in summer 2015 starting at around £24,000.

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