Top 5 Warrantywise Car Repair Bills Paid In April

Top 5 paid repairs April 2015

Do you worry about expensive car repair bills? If your car goes wrong, it's likely you'll be met with one. You may see it as part and parcel of owning a car or van but you have to admit, when it really comes down to it, hassle free motoring is what we all want. When your vehicle is in the garage there's a scenario most motorists experience at some point in their lives; that feeling of the unknown where one can only speculate and hope to know the outcome of the repairer's assessment.

Scaremongering isn't a desirable trait by any shape of the imagination, and let us make it clear that isn't our intention with this post. When your manufacturer's warranty expires the car repair bills are your responsibility, so why not take out an extended car warranty and let us foot the bill? Warrantywise offer a used car warranty that is simply the best in the business, and below are the most expensive car repair bills we paid out to our customers in February. By showing them to you we hope you see the worth in protecting your bank balance this year and beyond.

Make Model Fault Code Amount Paid
BMW 3 Series Gearbox £3518.04
Jaguar XKR Electrical System & Instruments £1615.22
Land Rover Discovery 3 Engine, Gearbox & Clutch £1580.28
BMW 7 Series Engine & Gearbox £1553.58
Peugeot 407 Gearbox £1408.07

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