Top 5 Warrantywise Pay Outs in September 2014


What would a gargantuan car repair bill do to your finances? Does a holiday sit firmly in your yearly calendar? A massive expense the likes of a failed gearbox can provide could scupper those plans immediately. It’s important to remember how much we rely on our vehicles day to day too. We use our cars to get to work, take the kids to school and to even get to the gym, however ironic this may sound, and to not have something in place to provide that all important peace of mind is risky business.

It isn’t our intention to play on the fear factor here, but to ensure you’re aware of the real price you could have to pay for repairing your car if you don’t have the protection in place for your vehicle. Peace of mind doesn’t come any stronger than with a used car warranty from Warrantywise, and below are the top 5 most expensive repairs we paid in April. We’re sure you’ll agree, these are price tags you’d rather avoid!

MakeModelFault CodeAmount Paid
Audi A4 Oil Pump, Cylinder Head & Turbo £4899.68
BMW X3 Air Flow Metre £2333.33
Kia Carens Automatic Gearbox £2292.00
BMW 1 Series Exhange Gearbox £1748.00
Porsche Boxster Cylinder Head Gasket £1633.10

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