Top 5 Warrantywise Pay Outs in March 2014


Cars can break down at the most inconvenient time leaving you with that gut wrenching (no pun intended) feeling. All too often finding a few grand to put your car right again can spoil your holiday plans, wipe out your savings or put that new kitchen back another year.

Plus, if you think you can repair your car yourself or that your part time mechanic brother in law can help - think again. Long gone are the times where you can bring out your repair manual and start ferreting away with a spanner under your bonnet. A 4 year old BMW 3 series requires diagnostic equipment that can cost upwards of £10,000 to simply diagnose a fault and that’s before you start thinking about getting rid of that pesky warning light on your dash! You’ll need to know Bill Gates to sort that one out!

All this means that you’re better off going to the main dealer, but as we all know that costs money. So what is the logical option? Well it makes sense to pass the burden onto someone else… Every year, Warrantywise protect over 30,000 people with an extended car warranty. Their customers no longer need to worry about their car going wrong, since they offer the UK’s highest level of car warranty cover - bar none! Plus their plan has been written by the former Top Gear presenter and Consumer Wiz Quentin Willson and if for any reason you’re unhappy his personal contact details are available to every single Warrantywise customer.

Warrantywise have just published their top 5 repair pay out’s of March 2014 and they make for very interesting reading.

MakeModelFault CodeAmount Paid
Land Rover Discovery 2008 Engine £5136.02
Mitsubishi Evo 2010 Drive Train £4750.00
Bentley Continental GT 2006 Steering & Suspension £4313.79
BMW 5 Series 2003 Gearbox £4303.21
Rolls Royce Phantom 2004 Gearbox £3619.74

With repair bills like this you’d be wise to have a car warranty, the lucky people who owned the above cars did and it saved them literally thousands.

More top 5 pay outs next month!