Top 5 Warrantywise Pay Outs in May 2014


It’s time once again to look at the very real cost associated with car repairs, as we invite you to take a look at the Warrantywise Top 5 Repair Bills paid in May 2014.

A question we all must ask ourselves when it comes to our car is whether we’d be in a position to afford to pay for its repair work if and when it is needed. If the answer to that question is no, or you’d rather let someone else take that cost for you, a car warranty is something you should definitely consider.

It isn’t our intention to play on the fear factor here, but to ensure you’re aware of the real price you could have to pay for repairing your car if you don’t have the protection in place for your vehicle. Peace of mind doesn’t come any stronger than with a used car warranty from Warrantywise, and below are the top 5 most expensive repairs we paid in May. We’re sure you’ll agree these are price tags you’d rather avoid!

MakeModelFault CodeAmount Paid
Jaguar XF Fuel System £4459.48
Land Rover Range Rover Engine £3106.96
Land Rover Range Rover Gearbox £3000.00
BMW 6 Series Gearbox (Clutch Drive) £2730.00
Mercedes S Suspension (various faults) £2706.79

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