TVR is Back: New Model Set for 2017

Founder of Bullfrog games, once Aston Martin racer and all round TVR lover Les Edgar is bringing TVR back to life with new models



It's been a British icon since 1947 when Trevor Wilkinson set up his engineering workshop "Trevcar Motors" in sunny Blackpool. Now, former Aston Martin racer and entrepreneur Les Edgar has purchased the company and will be passionately reviving the brand with new "outstanding" models in an all-British establishment.

Les Edgar purchased TVR back in 2013 from Russian businessman Nikolay Smolensky who had bought the company from Peter Wheeler. Nikolay tried to rekindle the sports car manufacturer back into life without much luck and eventually said that TVR would no longer be producing cars and would continue life as a portable wind turbine producer. Thank the lord for Les!

Edgar made his money in computer games and is responsible for some of the best games to come out of Britain at the time. While Bullfrog games are not exactly synonymous with cars or driving, it's an exciting prospect that one of the minds behind Dungeon Keeper 2 and Magic Carpet is going to produce a sports car.

iStream technology which is said to be the biggest revolution in mass production since Henry Ford introduced the production line to the world. Amazingly, building cars this way is also said to cost 80% less in terms of capital investment compared to other production plants and methods.

It's a beautiful thing to see the iconic brand fall back into Anglo-Saxon hands. Edgar has said in the past “I’ve always loved the brand. It’s the same for all of us in this venture. The initials stand for a special kind of driver’s car we all love, missing for the past few years. Our plan is to put it back to where it belongs; to carry on where Peter Wheeler left off.”

When asked what the new cars will be like he said “They’ll be the kind of cars people understand TVRs to be: fast and powerful with great handling and a great noise. Put it this way: you’ll know you’re alive when you drive one.”

It's safe to say that we are all extremely excited to see the new TVR here at Warrantywise.

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