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The Best Motoring Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone

Driving and technology just seem to go hand in hand. However, it doesn’t just have to be what’s under the bonnet that’s new and innovative. There are plenty of ways that your smartphone can be the best feature your car has if you use these excellent motoring mobile apps.

Petrol Prices Pro (iOS/Android) - £2.99


This is an excellent app for finding up-to-date locations for the cheapest petrol stations in your area. With over 11,000 locations from all the major stations, you’ll be able to find the best deals for filling up the tank. You can see the national averages, plus the highest and lowest rates in the country by comparison.

Find my Car (iOS) – Free

find my car

Featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Find My Car is perfect for high mileage drivers who understand the frustrations of car parks. This app allows you to save your car’s exact location to your phone via GPS. You’ll always know just where you’re parked.

Trapster (iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone) – Free


Over 20 million drivers use this app, which aims to reduce the stress of driving through advanced knowledge. It provides you with a listing of nearby speed traps, red lights and traffic cameras. You’ll know just exactly where you need to be careful and it provides real time traffic and road hazard alerts too.

NCP (iOS/Android) – Free


Again, this is an app for those frequent drivers who may attend many meetings up and down the UK. The NCP app will inform you to the nearest convenient car park to your location. You can check the number of available spaces at each location and if there are any height restrictions. There is even a link to online booking for UK airport parking to make life just that little easier too.

BMW Parking Assistant (iOS) – Free

bmw parking

One of the most frustrating things about parking is that sometimes, you just lose track of time and invariably end up coming back to that yellow and black sticker on your windscreen. BMW aims to change that with their great app. Quite simply, you start your parking time and it does the rest. It will give you an overview of your remaining parking time, plus it calculates the time it will take you to get back to your vehicle on foot, along with an optimal route!

Dynolicious Fusion (iOS) - £8.99


Although it’s an expensive app, it’s definitely worth the cost if you’re serious about cars. It’s one of the best automotive testing tools available, allowing you to gauge horsepower, breaking, lateral Gs, speed intervals and a lot more. You can configure the weight and type of vehicle quickly and allows you to record and share your findings with other motor enthusiasts.

SMS My Car And Me (Android) - £2.49

my sms and me

Letting you keep in contact safely whilst driving, this handy app connects via Bluetooth (so you need a Bluetooth enabled car) to your car system, and lets you answer/make calls. It reads out any text messages you receive, whilst allowing you to use voice recognition to safely reply via text.

Glass’s Motoring Guide (iOS/Android) – Free


Glass’s Motor Guide has been the motor trade standard for decades. Now they come to your smartphone in this app. It’s your one-stop-shop for a database of vehicle valuations, along with a specification comparison of many different cars. It also allows you to work out how much a finance loan could cost per month for a particular car. Quite a useful app to have.

Premier Inn Mobile (iOS/Android) – Free

premier inn

The Premier Inn app gives you access to over 650 hotels up and down the country. It allows you to find a Premier Inn close by and book online quickly, giving you access to great discounts via flexible and saver rates. Perfect for business travellers.

RAC Traffic Plus (iOS/Android) – Free

rac traffic plus

One thing that’s guaranteed to annoy drivers is getting stuck in gridlock. In fact, getting stuck on the road anywhere tends to drive us crazy, which is why the RAC’s app is a lifesaver. It provides real-time traffic news for your area, along with a handy route planner. There’s even a breakdown tab should the worst happen.

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