Top 10 Warrantywise Car Repair Bills in 2014

Top 10 Warrantywise Paid Repairs

How much!?

Here at Warrantywise, we feel it's important to educate and inform our existing and potential customers of the benefits of having a used car warranty in your arsenal when it comes to getting your car repaired. Part of this education is to let you know how much a car repair could potentially cost you. To this end, we have compiled the Top 10 Most Expensive Repair Bills we paid in 2014.

What would a car repair bill do to your finances? Do you have any home improvement plans this year? A failed gearbox or engine blow could scupper those plans immediately. It’s important to remember how much we rely on our vehicles. We use our cars to get to work, take the kids to school and to even get to the golf course for those weekly 18 holes, so to not have something in place to provide that all important peace of mind is risky business.

It isn’t our intention to play on the fear factor here, but to ensure you’re aware of the real price you could have to pay for repairing your car if you don’t have the protection in place for your vehicle. Peace of mind doesn't come any more concrete than with a used car warranty from Warrantywise.

We’re sure you’ll agree, these are price tags you could well do without!

Make Model Fault Code Amount Paid
Land Rover Discovery Engine £5136.02
Volkswagen Passat Engine & Turbocharger £5034.00
Bentley Continental GTC Air Suspension £5000.00
Land Rover Range Rover Sport Engine £4984.00
Audi A4 Engine, Cylinder Head & Turbo £4983.68
Porsche Cayenne Engine £4950.00
Land Rover Discovery 3 Engine £4950.00
Mitsubishi Evo Gearbox (Manual) £4750.00
Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Engine £4650.00
Maserati Granturismo Actuator Assembly £4638.24

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