National Pothole Day | Report a pothole or street repair

Warrantywise are supporting National Pothole Day!

national pothole day

One of the biggest gripes UK drivers have is the state of some of our roads. Our council tax covers the maintenance of roads and bridges and it can leave a bad taste in the mouth of those motorists who've fallen foul of a gaping pothole, particularly when they've had to shell out to repair any damage caused. have organised National Pothole Day on the 15th of January as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the issue and to rid our roads of these problems.

They are asking for all UK drivers to get involved to report potholes and other road issues directly to them either through their website or using the new Street Repairs App, so this information can then be passed onto the relevant council for their action.

Please get involved, show your support and help on their mission to purge the pothole epidemic that's plaguing our roads!