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Fixable Car Problems That Don’t Require a Trip to the Garage
PUBLISHED: 27/06/2014

Learn how you can fix four common car problems at home and save hundreds of pounds in garage bills with our expert guide to fixable automotive issues. Save time and money by maintaining your car at home. Image © Depositphotos.com/Vladimir Mucibabic Are your car’s warning lights flashing on and off? While most car repairs can seem overl...

Warrantywise Rate The Best Motoring Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone
PUBLISHED: 24/06/2014

The Best Motoring Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone Driving and technology just seem to go hand in hand. However, it doesn’t just have to be what’s under the bonnet that’s new and innovative. There are plenty of ways that your smartphone can be the best feature your car has if you use these excellent motoring mobile apps. Petrol Prices Pr...

Cutting Edge Car Technology - 6 Devices to Make Driving Easier/Safer
PUBLISHED: 19/06/2014

Road traffic increased 1.1% last year and is only set to increase. . Ending September 2013, there were 184,000 reported casualties on UK roads. However, the encouraging fact is that casualty rates are actually decreasing, as we’ve seen a 6 per cent drop on the previous year. One of the logical reasons for this is improved vehicle safety. Technolo...

What Bad Driving Habits Drive You Up The Wall?
PUBLISHED: 06/06/2014

Road rage. It’s been getting increasingly worse these last few years. In fact, there’s even a website on which people can post reports about when they had to deal with inconsiderate or dangerous drivers. Whilst everyone has their own particular grievances in day-to-day life, it seems that driving tends to bring out a lot of common annoyances...

What Are Cars Going To Look Like In The Future
PUBLISHED: 05/06/2014

The automobile industry is a fast paced and progressive one. Whilst many motor aficionados collect vintage and classic cars, it’s always useful to look ahead to the future too. Concept cars are a way to do this. A concept vehicle is a car made to showcase a new style, design or technology. The first concept car was the 1938 Buick Y-Job and mot...

What is The Ideal Car for a New Driver?
PUBLISHED: 04/06/2014

New drivers are on the road every day. Did you know… An 18 year-old driver is three times more likely to be involved in a collision than a 50 year-old. 20% of new drivers have a collision within six months of being on the road. New drivers have more crashes in the evenings and early mornings. The three most important features any new driver...

Warrantywise & CarCliq – A Partnership in Motoring
PUBLISHED: 30/05/2014

Warrantywise are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with motoring hub CarCliq. The used car warranty provider is to be installed on to www.carcliq.co.uk as a solution for all CarCiq users’ warranty needs, private and car dealer alike. The two entities will also share a fruitful social partnership, working hand in hand to build an i...

Google Reveals Self-driving Car Prototype
PUBLISHED: 29/05/2014

There aren’t many industrial pies Google won’t stick their technological fingers in to, and vehicle manufacture is definitely the most elaborate, particularly when you consider the end game here is to provide “vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving”. This undoubtedly arduous task was first conveyed over 3 years ago and t...

Does Your Current Extended Car Warranty Exclude Consequential Damage?
PUBLISHED: 27/05/2014

One deciding factor enabled us to bring Quentin Willson on board with Warrantywise: He wanted to design the warranty himself. "No problem", we said. Quentin wanted his warranty product to be different, ensuring complete transparency and honesty for all its customers. The main task at hand was to remove any terms Quentin deemed to be 'weasel words',...

Does My Vehicle Need an MOT Yet?
PUBLISHED: 16/05/2014

At the end of 2012, there were over 34 million cars licenced for use on the roads of Great Britain. Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility, such as tax and insurance. Of course, many say it’s not the initial cost that cripples you, it’s the upkeep. Keeping a car roadworthy means that you’ll come across the following three letters....

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