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LaFerrari - A Project of Beauty and Exclusivity
PUBLISHED: 13/05/2014

‘Ferrari’s Most Ambitious Project’, a statement direct from the Italian supercar giant to describe their new incarnation, and we can’t not agree. The LaFerrari is as much an advancement in technology as it is beautiful, and with only 499 being made (why not a round 500?) we can’t help but feel a slight vex of envy as we consider those who...

Quentin Willson's Guide To Being A Wise Dealer
PUBLISHED: 09/05/2014

Quentin Willson has taken yet another positive step in the motoring world by unveiling a brand new video guide for car dealers and more specifically, used car warranty. In the guide, Quentin meticulously goes through the reasons why utilising car warranty in your dealership is of great benefit, whilst recommending his very own car warranty product ...

Feedback is key!
PUBLISHED: 01/05/2014

It goes without saying that with any product or service you spend your hard earned money on, the proof is in the pudding. Warrantywise understand this to the hilt and ensure the feedback they receive is visible for all prospective car warranty customers. These customers want to know the service they are buying does what it says it does, which i...

Warranty Repairs at any VAT Registered Garage
PUBLISHED: 25/04/2014

If you’ve been put off taking out an extended car warranty because you believe you’ll be restricted as to which garages you can get your car repaired at if something goes wrong, you can relax – Warrantywise deal with any VAT registered garage or repair facility. When your car suffers a failure and needs a repair, you can get the required w...

Lamborghini Aventador Matte Black
PUBLISHED: 18/04/2014

The team at Warrantywise love flashy, highly expensive supercars. Have you ever walked past a brightly coloured Lamborghini and just stared at it? Or gone to the extent of taking a quick snap of yourself with the car to share with your friends through Twitter or Facebook? We can but dream about one day driving one of these juggernauts (whilst pr...

Warrantywise Achieve Industry High Customer Satisfaction Rating
PUBLISHED: 16/04/2014

Extended car warranty giants Warrantywise can now boast a 95% positive customer satisfaction rating, a first for not only them but for the car warranty industry as a whole. Warrantywise will add this accomplishment to the Trusted Merchant Award they received in early 2014 for achieving a 90% and above positive customer rating for the whole of ...

Top 5 Warrantywise Pay Outs in March 2014
PUBLISHED: 15/04/2014

Cars can break down at the most inconvenient time leaving you with that gut wrenching (no pun intended) feeling. All too often finding a few grand to put your car right again can spoil your holiday plans, wipe out your savings or put that new kitchen back another year. Plus, if you think you can repair your car yourself or that your part time me...

Quentin Willson Releases Industry First Car Warranty Video Guide
PUBLISHED: 11/04/2014

TV motoring expert and former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson has taken a bold step to revolutionise the used car warranty market with his service and maintenance plan from Warrantywise. His campaign is kicked off by an informative and educational video release of ‘Quentin Willson’s Guide to Being Warrantywise’. In it, Quentin goes through...

The NEW Warrantywise Website
PUBLISHED: 06/03/2014

This week, we launched the Brand New Warrantywise Website, making booking the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty even easier. Within seconds, you can personalise the perfect warranty cover for you and your vehicle by tailoring it to your specific needs and budget. I truly believe no other Warranty provider will offer you a service as simple and a warran...

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