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15 of the Best Modern Car Adverts
PUBLISHED: 25/02/2015

Huge budgets, passion and innovation; These are the ingredients that make up modern cars. The same can be said for their adverts. While TV adverts might just be the bane of your life, there are some real gems out there that genuinely intrigue, surprise and inspire. Car manufacturers have thoroughly embraced TV advertising and have produced ...

Motor Oil is Essential for a Healthy Engine
PUBLISHED: 16/02/2015

While your car’s engine might seem incredibly complex, it’s actually a surprisingly simple piece of machinery. Today’s cars include a huge amount of technology, but the basic fundamentals of the car engine has not changed that much in the last 50 years. Motor oil keeps your engine’s moving parts cool and reduces friction and wear. The b...

Should You Part Exchange or Sell Your Car Privately?
PUBLISHED: 06/01/2015

Part exchanging can make upgrading to a new car much more affordable. After thousands of miles and lots of great memories, it’s time to replace your old car with something newer. Whether you’re upgrading or simply replacing, knowing the best way to sell or exchange your old car can make replacing it far more affordable. One of the bigges...

How often should I replace my car battery?
PUBLISHED: 06/01/2015

On average, car batteries last for three years with normal care and maintenance. When you’re shopping for a new car, which features do you pay the most attention to? Most of us judge a car based on its engine capacity, its fuel efficiency, its size or the level of comfort it offers.Few of us, on the other hand, pay much attention to our car’...

The Best Car Audio System For Any Budget
PUBLISHED: 11/11/2014

The Best Car Audio System For Any Budget Are you getting tired of your car’s built-in audio system? Whether your vehicle has a high quality audio system or a 1980s-style tape deck, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to upgrade to a higher quality system at some point. With a few small upgrades, you can transform your car’s audio system ...

Car Security: Myths and Misconceptions
PUBLISHED: 04/11/2014

Have you ever worried about your car becoming a target for thieves? Almost every car owner has at one point worried about their car being broken into or stolen by a thief. While it’s easy to write car theft off as something that will never happen to you, the facts say otherwise. A car is stolen every 147 seconds in the UK, and the next one to ...

7 In-Car Accessories Every Petrol Head Needs
PUBLISHED: 10/10/2014

7 In-Car Accessories Every Petrol Head Needs From digital parking databases to awesome smartphone mounts, some accessories just make your car a more comfortable place to spend your time. If you’re a serious petrolhead, your car is more than just a vehicle – it’s your second home. These seven in-car accessories range from essentials for ...

How To Pass Your Driving Test | Warrantywise
PUBLISHED: 05/09/2014

17 Tips for Passing Your Driving Test Learning how to drive is one of the most important skills anyone can develop. It’s a ticket to freedom – the freedom to move yourself around your city and avoid having to depend on public transport (or worse yet, your parents) for personal travel. Because of the importance of the practical driving tes...

The World's Eight Best Driving Roads
PUBLISHED: 12/08/2014

In 2007, the Top Gear team set off to find the world’s best roads to drive. After a long search through Europe, they settled on one road that exemplified driving: the Stelvio Pass – a windy, hairpin-packed road that runs through the Swiss Alps. As fantastic as the Stelvio Pass undoubtedly is when it’s completely blocked off to all traffic ...

10 Ways to Deal With Car Sickness
PUBLISHED: 08/08/2014

Do you feel sick on long car journeys? Car sickness affects 33% of people, causing them to feel uncomfortable and physically ill on long car journeys. While there’s no cure for motion sickness, there are ways to treat it. From chewing on certain foods to changing your seating position, read on to discover 10 ways you can deal with car sickness...

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