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Volvo is back on track after winning Auto Express Award
PUBLISHED: 06/07/2015

As headline partner of the Auto Express New Car Awards 2015, Warrantywise had a front row seat this week for what looks like the resurgence of one of Europe’s most established, but recently forgotten, premium brands. The UK’s biggest weekly motoring publication decided that its Car of the Year 2015 should be awarded to Volvo, and the new XC9...

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Mini
PUBLISHED: 24/06/2015

The Mini Cooper is one of the world’s most recognisable cars. It’s one of Britain’s most recognisable exports, one of the world’s most popular cars and an icon for all things compact and cool. The BMC Mini, and the new Mini Cooper, are two cars that are impossible not to spot almost anywhere in the world. An icon of the 20th century, ...

8 Of The Best Cars For The Golfer
PUBLISHED: 23/06/2015

Anyone who frequents the greens will tell you - it's hard to find a car that will comfortably carry all of their bulky equipment. When you have to lug around two golf bags full of clubs plus a couple of golf buggies and a spare battery, things can really start to get cramped. We have decided to gather a list of some of the best cars for the Golf...

Which reliable car suits you best?
PUBLISHED: 18/06/2015

Everybody wants to drive a reliable car. Nobody wants to start the morning commute worrying about how far they will make it or if the AA will have to come and get them, it's just not practical. We have made this short test to determine which of the current most reliable cars match your personality best. Take the test and share the result with your ...

Car Production on the rise in the UK
PUBLISHED: 16/06/2015

Car production is at the highest level in the United Kingdom since pre crash rates in 2007 and the numbers are still growing... Great Britain has officially turned around its drop in car production as the latest figures show numbers are higher than they were before the crash in 2007. In fact, a recent study revealed there have been 8,720,000 n...

Manufacturers race to prove themselves at Le Mans
PUBLISHED: 15/06/2015

More and more manufacturers are trying to prove themselves at the 24 Hour Le Mans – and there’s a good reason for that... Source/CC2.0 Even if you’ve never watched the Le Mans 24 Hours race before you may have noticed there’s a little more buzz around the event this year than usual. That’s because this year’s race could be the clo...

Apple Map Cars coming to a street near you
PUBLISHED: 11/06/2015

Apple have confirmed that they will be unleashing an army of Apple Map Cars on UK streets to build a Google Maps style service Interesting news for Apple fans this week with an official update on the Apple website saying they will be releasing street cars across the UK in order to improve its Apple Maps service. Until the release of iOS 7, Go...

TVR is Back: New Model Set for 2017
PUBLISHED: 04/06/2015

Founder of Bullfrog games, once Aston Martin racer and all round TVR lover Les Edgar is bringing TVR back to life with new models Source/CC2.0 It's been a British icon since 1947 when Trevor Wilkinson set up his engineering workshop "Trevcar Motors" in sunny Blackpool. Now, former Aston Martin racer and entrepreneur Les Edgar has purchased the ...

Paper Counterpart: What you need to know
PUBLISHED: 01/06/2015

After Monday the 8th of June 2015, the paper counterpart of your UK driving licence will be abolished and can be destroyed. The DVLA have announced the abolishment of paper counterparts to the UK driving licence which means they will no longer be legal documents and as of Monday the 8th of June, can be freely shred, burnt or destroyed as you s...

Drivers Prosecuted For Using Mobile Phones to Film Collision
PUBLISHED: 01/06/2015

News has been circulating the internet about a number of drivers who will soon be prosecuted for taking out their mobile phones and recording a very serious road collision involving four lorries on the A14. A spokesman from Cambridge police said: "So far, at least 15 motorists have been stopped for filming or taking pictures of the crash site with ...

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