Car Warranty Glossary

Many words and phrases used in the car warranty world can leave you feeling bamboozled. Here is our glossary to help you understand some of the more industry-specific words that are used when selecting or requesting repairs on your extended car warranty.

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Car Warranty Quote

It only takes 60 seconds!


Inclusion of the any of the following optional items as shown on Your Plan Schedule: Air Bag System, Air Conditioning, Emissions, Labour Rate, MoT Failure, Multi-media.

Administration Fee

A fee of £35 to cover our administration costs and expenses.


Any information you may have supplied to us in support of your requests.

Approved Repairer

A repair garage authorised by Warrantywise who operates on an account basis with Warrantywise via the 1Link Platform.


This is where a mechanical or electrical Part suddenly and unexpectedly stops working and requires immediate repair or replacement before it will work again.

Cancellation Fee

A fee of £50.00 to cover our cancellation expenses.

Cancellation Period

A period of 30 days from Your Plan Start Date.

Consequential Failure

Is where a component (not necessarily included in the cover) fails and causes the Breakdown of a covered Part (sometimes called the domino effect).


An optional monetary contribution (excess) to be paid by you towards the value of each and every repair which will be shown in Your Plan Schedule.

Geographical Limits

The area in which Your Plan is effective which includes; Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. (Your main residence must be within this area).

History Checks

Independent verification of your Vehicle’s most recent service history, mileage, market value, MoT and to determine if it’s been exported, imported, declared an insurance write off or a stolen vehicle. (These checks are conducted at the time you take out the warranty at our own cost using data from the DVLA, DVSA, Police and from independent companies. This information is constantly updated, is not exhaustive and may alter at any future date, therefore we cannot guarantee total accuracy at any point in time).

Independent Vehicle Examiner

An independent expert witness, qualified in motor vehicle engineering theory and practice, with specific knowledge and expertise relevant to Your Vehicle and the Part being examined.


Labour costs will be paid up to the maximum hourly Labour rate noted on Your Plan Schedule, including VAT. We will not pay more than the hourly Labour rate usually charged by your Repairer to its customers or via the 1Link Platform, if less. Repair times will be limited to those in the latest Glass’s ICME or Autodata manual or as listed in the manufacturer’s recommended repair times guide or in our reasonable discretion if no such data exists.

Level of Your Plan

As specified within Your Plan document, together with any Additions as detailed within Your Plan Schedule.

1Link Platform

1Link is an electronic web based invoicing and payment platform used by our Authorised Repairers.

Mileage Photo

A recent photograph of your Vehicle’s milometer to verify Your Plan Start Date.


Maximum technically permissible laden mass as detailed within your vehicle handbook and/or chassis plate.

OE Parts

Original equipment Parts which are manufactured to the same specification and standards as manufacturer Parts (often from the same supplier).


Any mechanical or electrical Part, capable of replacement, which forms part of your Vehicle’s original specification and is included within the Level of Your Plan. (Mechanical Parts either have movement or do a job of work. Electrical Parts are powered by electricity. Unless specifically mentioned, wiring, connectors, pipes, hoses and rubber bushes are not included).

Parts Cost

For repairs at the franchised main dealer, charged within the Labour rate you have selected, we will pay the manufacturer’s list price of Parts, otherwise we will not pay more than the available motor factor recommended retail price of OE Parts, including VAT. Parts which can only be sourced from outside the United Kingdom will be reimbursed at the United Kingdom price of an equivalent Part. We may, in our discretion, supply Parts to your Repairer directly or have Parts repaired by a specialist Repairer of our choice.

Parts Replaced in Pairs

The following covered Parts (when and where included within the Level of Your Plan) if recommended by the manufacturer of your Vehicle to be replaced in pairs, when only one Part has suffered a Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear: Brake discs, brake drums, coil road springs, and shock absorbers.

Pay As You Go Option

A 12 month warranty plan with the option to renew monthly which becomes effective only after we have received a Mileage Photo (see Plan Start Date, Charges and Payments).

Period of Your Plan

The period of months shown on Your Plan Schedule.

Plan Schedule

Issued by us after receiving your payment based upon the Application you have made to us and which confirms our acceptance of Your Plan.

Plan Start Date

The date Your Plan begins, as detailed within Your Plan Schedule. If we have requested a Mileage Photo (such as with the Pay As You Go Option) Your Plan will start on the date and time we receive this and from the mileage displayed in that photograph provided this is received within the following 30 days. In any case and including renewals, the Plan Start Date can be no earlier than 14 days from the date of booking.


A full-time VAT registered garage business providing a motor vehicle repair service within the Geographical Limits. (We may, in our discretion, request you use a repairer of our choice. When we exercise this right we will pay the reasonable cost of transport, if any).

Repair Cost

The total of Labour and Parts Cost, including VAT. If your Repairer charges more than Your Plan provides you will have to pay the difference.

Repair Number

A number issued by us to you or to your Repairer as proof that a repair has been authorised.

Servicing Handbook

The handbook issued with the Vehicle by the manufacturer (or within the Vehicle’s integrated data information centre) which details the servicing and maintenance requirements for your Vehicle.

Single Repair Limit

The maximum amount that Your Plan will pay per Breakdown or per Failure Due to Wear and Tear, including VAT. The Single Repair Limit includes all Repair Cost against the Level of Your Plan, Plan Additions, Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Hire, Hotel or Travel Expenses, less any Contribution as shown on Your Plan Schedule. Any alteration requested by you will not become effective for 30 days or 1,000 miles (whichever occurs first) after the date of request.


Only the Vehicle as identified on Your Plan Schedule (subject to the exclusions herein).

Acceptable categories of Vehicles are: Any motor car, box van or camper van, up to 3500 kgs MTPLM, motor home up to 7500 kgs MTPLM, touring caravan up to 8 metres in overall length and 1850kgs MTPLM or 2 wheeled motor cycles up to1800cc engine capacity.

Note: If you take out Plans for two or more Vehicles at the same time, you will be provided with a separate Plan for each Vehicle.

Vehicle Value

The maximum amount that Your Plan will pay in total during the Period of Your Plan, including VAT as shown on Your Plan Schedule, limited to the retail value of your Vehicle as defined by us or in Glass’s Guide, Parkers Guide (or similar) at Your Plan Start Date, or the purchase price if lower.

Failure Due to Wear and Tear

This is where a mechanical Part suddenly develops a premature and unexpected fault resulting in the Part failing to work properly (within manufacturer’s specifications) which if not repaired or replaced will more than likely lead to a Breakdown of the Part before the expiry of Your Plan. This is included in most Plans.

Worn Out Parts

These are Parts which due to prolonged use over time and/or a lack of correct routine maintenance and/or neglect, are simply worn out and at the end of their expected serviceable life. They will require repair or replacement at your own cost. This is excluded on all Plans.

Your Plan

This booklet together with Your Plan Application, Level of Your Plan details and Plan Schedule which together contain the full terms and conditions of Your Plan.

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