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If you don’t know when the last service was carried out then get your car fully serviced ASAP, preferably before taking out the warranty. If you don’t then you are just wasting your time, money and effort because if you request a repair without an up to date service book, you will be left disappointed.

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Car Warranty Servicing Dos and Don’ts

We DON’T require you to have full service history or any servicing at a main dealer, but we DO need proof that the last relevant full service was performed within the last 12 months , 10,000 miles or any other service period recommended by the manufacturer.

You DO need to use a VAT registered garage (those are the ones that charge you VAT). DON’T use the window cleaner, even if he used to sweep up and make the tea at Rolls Royce when he was a lad.

If you use a main dealer you’re home and dry, otherwise DO make sure whoever carries out the service does so as recommended in your service book and within 30 days or 1,000 miles of the period stated.

DO make sure you get VAT receipts showing what’s been done and what parts have been fitted. DON’T show us a page torn out of a duplicate book with the words, “full service carried out for fifty quid” we won’t be impressed!

NOTE: You must use a VAT registered garage, request detailed receipts and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your service book.

Stick to all of the above and you can’t go wrong! I’m sure you’ll agree we aren’t asking the earth, and it can save us both a lot of unnecessary headache.

Quentin Willson

“We don’t require your Vehicle to have a full service history to take out the UK’s best used car warranty, but you must make sure your car receives the correct TLC for the duration of the cover. Personally, I advise you to walk away from any car that doesn’t have a full book of service stamps, but if you’ve already bought a car with little or no service history then we’re here to help.”

Quentin Willson
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