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No other warranty company covers more of your Vehicle and all our warranties include roadside assistance, recovery, car hire and your hotel and travel expenses as standard. Get a quote today to obtain the ultimate car warranty protection. Redeem your exclusive 10% discount online or over the phone today


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Home of the UKs Best Car Warranty

Home of the UK’s Best Car Warranty

Not a phrase we take lightly. We spend a lot of time checking and ensuring that our warranty remains the very best level of cover you can get for your car and our home appliance warranty is quickly becoming a market leading product.

Founded in 2000, Warrantywise is the UK's best used warranty service and maintenance plan specialist. We provide an extended vehicle warranty of the highest quality, for all makes and models of Vehicle, to private individuals as well as the country's largest franchised and independent dealer groups and in 2017, we launched our Home Appliance Warranty. Warrantywise is a private family firm with a strong capital base and was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Quentin Willson has been instrumental in delivering these principles alongside Warrantywise since joining the team in 2008 and Anthea Turner has joined the team to do the same for our home appliance warranty.

Why Warrantywise are the Best

Quentin Willson

“Since 2007 I have been personally refining, tweaking and polishing this warranty to make sure that it offers the highest level of service and protection possible. I'm so confident that Warrantywise is the market leader, that unlike some other warranty companies, I'm prepared to say in writing that I reckon it’s now the best warranty cover that money can buy."

Quentin Willson Quentin Willson
Quentin Willson

All Makes and Models Covered

Our specialist warranty covers all makes and models of vehicle, to private individuals, as well as the country's largest franchised and independent dealer groups.

Quentin's Checklist

Quentin has created an easy to follow step-by-step checklist that will minimise the chance of any repair claim being declined. If you are unsure about any items in the list, please feel free to get in touch.

Double check that you have the cover and additions you need

We give you 30 days to change anything you missed at inception, as long as you haven’t made a Repair.

Stop driving your vehicle the moment you think something is wrong!

If you carry on driving you can make the problem worse and could invalidate any repair request you make.

Your vehicle servicing is up to date, using a VAT registered garage

You make sure your car has been properly serviced and our warranty will look after your car.

Don’t repair your vehicle without our prior authorisation

You’ll be disappointed if you shell out loads of cash without logging a repair and then expect us to pay afterwards. Tell us what you’re doing before you pay for any repairs.

Our Expert examinatiors are available to diagnose a problem

If we are unsure about the exact nature of a part failure we may ask an expert engineer to examine your vehicle. This is a standard process and assists us in cutting out confusion.

Contact us for any advice and guidance or if your car needs repairing

If you are unsure about anything you can get in touch by calling: 0844 335 1988, sending a message or read about our Repairs Procedure.

Everything you need to know about an

Extended Car warranty

What is Used Car Warranty?

If your car is over three years old, chances are your manufacturer's warranty will have expired. Used car warranty is your safety net should something go wrong with your vehicle. It provides a form of additional insurance cover against certain faults, which gives you with peace of mind that you’re protected when things don’t go to plan.

Warrantywise cover your car and offer the very best cover and service that is second to none, taking the stress out of these situations, to help protect you from facing unexpected repair bills that could run into thousands of pounds. Warrantywise protects you against expensive repair bills.

Do I need a Car Warranty?

Every year over 1,000,000 cars are left unprotected when their manufacturer's warranty expires. This leaves car owners exposed to high-priced repair bills often running up into the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Modern vehicles can cost a small fortune to fix if they go wrong and with some main dealers now charging up to £200 per hour, the labour charges alone can be crippling. Your car is likely to be the 2nd largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, so why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection?

Taking out an extended warranty with Warrantywise will protect you from these costs that seem to come at the most inconvenient times. No other warranty company covers more of your vehicle and all our warranties include roadside assistance, recovery, car hire and your hotel and travel expenses as standard.

What happens when the Manufacturers Warranty Expires?

When your car was new it would have been protected by a warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Typically this will cover you for 3 years or 60,000 miles after the date of manufacture against defects that may cause your car to malfunction. The manufacturer will then replace or repair the vehicle at no cost to you.

The Warrantywise extended car warranty is designed to offer similar protection which your manufacturer supplied when your car was new. In effect, you are extending your protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown and protecting your bank balance if something goes wrong with your car.

Is every Extended Car Warranty the same?

Unfortunately not. Many companies offer extended car warranties but the difference in cover between the plans available varies significantly.

Some warranty plans only cover you for a set list of items on your car, and there are over 5,000 parts in a typical car, a list of 150 covered items on a set of warranty terms and conditions doesn’t provide good value for your money! Warrantywise provide a used car warranty that covers ALL the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle when it’s up to 6 years old or has travelled up to 60,000 miles. If your vehicle exceeds these limits we offer listed Part warranty packages that provide comprehensive cover unrivalled in the marketplace. Want to know what’s covered?

What's Covered

Who pays for repairs?

When it comes to paying out a repair for a Part on your car, many warranty companies use clever jargon to make sure they don’t have to give you the full amount. For example, many plans have betterment clauses in them, which means that a company will only pay out a limited percentage of a Part depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle.

Warrantywise cover you for 100% of the cost for replacing parts required in a valid repair. We also offer cover for Labour costs from £35 to £200, so you can choose the exact level of Labour you need for your car and/or budget. No matter if you have a Fiat or Ferrari, you can rest assured you will be fully covered if you decide to take the car back to the main dealer for repairs, so long as you have chosen the correct Labour rate. We also pay the true amount for breakdown and recovery, car hire and your hotel and travel expenses if you need them. Please refer to your plan documentation for the full repairs limits.

No Weasel Words

Many warranty companies look to wiggle out of paying for your repair through nasty small print and stipulations. We have gained the trust of many high-profile tv presenters, including Quentin Willson who has designed and banned all 'Weasel Words' from the Warrantywise plan, as this is simply the fairest way.

So you won’t find words like betterment, consequential failure or breakdown that limit the cover you get.

Car Warranty Servicing: Do's and Dont's

Dont's Do's
We don't require you to have full service history or any servicing at a main dealer We do need proof that the last relevant full service was performed within the last 12 months , 10,000 miles or any other service period recommended by the manufacturer
Don't use the window cleaner, even if he used to sweep up and make the tea at Rolls Royce when he was a lad. Need to use a VAT registered garage (those are the ones that charge you VAT).
Don't show us a page torn out of a duplicate book with the words, “full service carried out for fifty quid” we won’t be impressed! Do make sure you get VAT receipts showing what’s been done and what parts have been fitted.
If you use a main dealer you’re home and dry, otherwise DO make sure whoever carries out the service does so as recommended in your service book and within 30 days or 1,000 miles of the period stated.

NOTE: You must use a VAT registered garage, request detailed receipts and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your service book.

Stick to all of the above and you can’t go wrong! I’m sure you’ll agree we aren’t asking the earth, and it can save us both a lot of unnecessary headache.

What Expenses are Covered

Roadside Assistance and Recovery

If your Vehicle suffers a breakdown within the geographical limits then you can call 0844 693 1910 (anytime) and we will arrange for an engineer to attend (usually within the hour) to provide roadside assistance and/or recovery to an authorised Repairer or a Repairer of your choice. Your Plan will pay up to the Single Repair Limit for roadside assistance and up to £250, including VAT per claim up to a maximum of 3 claims per year, towards recovery.

Replacement Vehicle Hire

If you require a replacement vehicle then you can call 0844 335 1988 (during office hours) and we will arrange or authorise car hire. Your plan will pay up to £50 a day, including VAT, up to a maximum of 10 days, towards the cost of Vehicle hire whilst your own Vehicle is undergoing garage repairs up to a maximum of £500 including VAT.

Overnight Hotel Expenses or Onward Travel

If you are left stranded without your Vehicle, more than 50 miles away from your home, Your Plan will pay up to £250, including VAT, towards the overnight expense of a hotel room (less subsistence) and/or onward travel costs by railway, bus or taxi for one person.

European Cover

Your Plan is valid while your Vehicle is outside the Geographical Limits, within the period of your plan, provided you accept the following: Any Failure and repair must be in a country that is a current member of the European Union (EU).

Choose Who Repairs Your Vehicle

Many warranties won’t pay more than their network Labour rate (often as low as £28/hour) or leave you to arrange your own repairs and run the risk of a botched job.. We allow you to choose the Labour rate, from your friendly neighbourhood mechanic (providing he is VAT registered) rate right up to the local main dealer pricing, so you have all the choices you need at a price you can afford. We also operate an Approved Repairer scheme which will carry out any repairs required under the warranty and can even Service and MOT your vehicle at an over-riding discount, where importantly, we pay the garage directly.

Warrantywise Top Paid Repairs

Let us make it clear that it isn't our intention to scaremonger with this, but when your manufacturer's warranty expires, the car repair bills are your responsibility.

Make Model Fault Code Amount Paid
Lamborghini Aventador Engine £40701.00
Lamborghini Gallardo Engine £40614.23
Mclaren MP4-12c Gearbox £26000.00
Lamborghini Aventador Gearbox £20291.23
Porsche 911 Engine £15051.63
Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Engine £11750.00
Nissan GTR Gearbox £11100.00
PORSCHE 911 Engine £10051.63
Mclaren MP4-12C Gearbox (various faults) £10000.00
Maserati 4200 Engine (various faults) £10000.00
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