Warrantywise Case Study #16 – Norman West

Every month Warrantywise contact a customer who has received excellent service from us and has encountered a recent repair. This month Warrantywise contacted Norman West. Find out what he has to say for yourself here!





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Norman West Case Study

Upon purchasing his Vauxhall Insignia...

Mr West wanted to protect his car with a warranty, and after doing some research Mr West decided to use Warrantywise, he has been a Warrantywise customer since November 2015. Mr West stated, “I chose Warrantywise after reading all the pros and cons in depth, it seemed the least likely that I’d be left home and dry in the event of a claim. I checked out the competitors and it made sense that this warranty package was the one. It covered my needs and it hasn’t let me down.”

Since having a Warrantywise Warranty, Mr West has had to request repairs on two occasions. Having encountered a couple of faults with his car, Mr Smith has been paid, in total, £1,217.20.

The most recent repair Mr West encountered was due to a fault with the camshaft. Mr West explained:

“The fault occurred on Wednesday 12th July as my partner was driving to my mothers to drop my daughter off to go to work. I got a phone call to say she didn’t know what noise it was and she stopped driving. I had to leave work early so she could use our second car. I got to my mothers and listened to it myself and decided I needed to contact the garage I bought the car off, I go here for servicing etc. They arranged a collection the next day on the Thursday. The car was driven no more from the point my partner got to my mothers. It was concerning as I didn’t know if my partner had become stuck or the car had imploded. The fault was found on 13th July and the claim was made to Warrantywise on the same day.”

Mr West stated that he has recommended Warrantywise many times

“I have recommended Warrantywise to other Insignia owners on a forum I am a member of. I have recommended Warrantywise to all my colleagues at work at Greggs, whose warranty plans are expiring either with their manufacturer or if they don’t have one.”
“Warrantywise have taken the stress away from owning my car as it has been quite stressful at times.”

Mr West was full of praise when describing his overall experience with Warrantywise, he concluded by saying. “My overall experience has been really pleasing. Warrantywise have been fair all the way along with the plan and paid out when I have needed them. They have updated my payment method at least 5 times without any issues. The plan I am on soon comes to an end as it is near 100,000 miles, but I would still recommend Warrantywise as a package to anyone. Maintain your car appropriately and in the event of a claim Warrantywise will help. Warrantywise have taken the stress away from owning my car as it has been quite stressful at times.”

Norman West Case Study
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