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08/80 Cover Level

“This cover is the highest level of cover available anywhere in the UK for vehicles between 6 – 8 years old and up to 80,000 miles. I have designed it myself and it offers a bespoke level of cover specifically tailored to the age and mileage of your vehicle.”
Quentin Willson – Motoring Journalist

Air Bags



Air Con






MOT Failure


(up to 9 Years or 90,000 Miles)



Only Parts listed under the following headings are included, together with any Plan Additions you may have selected (please see Your Plan Schedule) any item not specifically described below is ‘not’ included.


All internal moving Parts and also including the engine block, cylinder liners, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, crankshaft pulley and inlet manifold.

Turbocharger, Intercooler and Waste-gate

All moving Parts.

Drive Belts

Camshaft timing belt.

A failure of the camshaft timing belt can cause significant engine damage, and should always be changed within the manufacturer’s recommended period.

Drive Train

Drive shafts, prop-shafts, centre bearings, constant velocity joints (excluding rubber boots), universal joints and couplings.

Gearbox and Transmission (manual or automatic)

All mechanical and electrical Parts of gearbox, transfer gearbox, torque converter and overdrive, excluding SMG and DSG hydraulic actuator.


Flywheel (including dual mass flywheel), pressure plate, centre plate, flex plate, ring gear, release bearing, master cylinder, slave cylinder, fork lever, clutch pedal and cable.


Crown wheel and pinion and all other internal mechanical moving Parts.


Wheel bearings and cages, road springs, pneumatic air springs, shock absorbers, ride height actuators, wishbones, track control arms and linkages, suspension pump, kingpins, ball and swivel joints.


Rack and pinion, steering box, power steering rack and pinion, power steering box, pressure pipes, idler box, hydraulic and electrical power steering pump, reservoir, steering column joints and bearings, track rod ends.

Braking System

Servo, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, vacuum pump, pressure restrictor valve, automatic brake adjuster, brake pedal, handbrake lever and cable, brake discs and drums.

Anti Lock Braking System

Electronic control unit, pump, actuator, modulator and wheel sensors.

Fuel System (petrol or diesel)

Lift pump, mechanical and electrical fuel pump, injection pump, injector, heater/glow plug, fuel gauge and fuel level sender unit, throttle body, throttle potentiometer, airflow meter, idle speed control valve, cold start valve, warm up regulator, overrun cut off valve, fuel accumulator, pressure regulator and engine mapping sensors, injector wiring loom.

Oil Seals

Engine and gearbox oil seals causing a major oil leak (dripping oil) necessitating immediate replacement where the removal of the engine or gearbox unit is essential in order to carry out a repair following the Failure of the seal.

Electronic Control Unit

All electronic control units (ECU).

Electrical System

Starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, ignition coil, ignition distributor and DIS sensors, electronic ignition amplifier, indicator relay, front and rear windscreen wiper motors and washer motors, electric window and sunroof motors including switches, central locking mechanism (excluding locks, barrels, keys and keyfobs), cruise control unit, headlamp motors, heater fan motor, thermostatically controlled radiator fan motor, horn, multi function indicator stalk switch, alarm control unit and siren.

Cooling System

Radiator, engine oil cooler, heater matrix and heater fan motor, water pump, cooling fan motor, viscous cooling fan coupling, thermostatically controlled radiator fan motor, engine temperature sensor, engine temperature gauge, thermostat and thermostat housing.

Air Conditioning

We include protection against the failure of a part of the air conditioning system.

Parts Replaced in Pairs

We include the following Parts, recommended by the manufacturer to be replaced in pairs as good engineering practice, when only one Part has suffered a Failure: brake discs, brake drums, road springs, shock absorbers.

Plan Cover Levels

04/40 Cover Level
06/60 Cover Level
08/80 Cover Level
10/100 Cover Level
12/120 Cover Level
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