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What is an extended or used van warranty?

Think of an extended or used van warranty as a safety net for your wheels. It's a service agreement that gives you extra coverage for unexpected repairs, providing peace of mind beyond the original manufacturer's warranty.

What is the benefit of an extended van warranty?

An extended van warranty provides several benefits. It offers financial protection by covering the cost of unexpected repairs and mechanical failures that may occur after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t face expensive repair bills. However, cover levels vary so it’s really important to review the terms, limitations, and exclusions of the warranty plan to understand what is covered for your vehicle.

Do I need an extended van warranty?

If your van is over 3 years old, your manufacturer’s warranty has most likely expired, leaving you vulnerable to expensive repair costs. An extended van warranty can protect you against mechanical and electrical faults, giving you added peace of mind.

What does an extended van warranty cover?

Plans cover different things depending on your vans age and mileage. You can find more information on the ‘what does my plan cover’ page.

What are plan additions?

Plan additions are designed to enhance our service and give you more choice when personalising your warranty cover. You can add or remove these additions during the quote process to tailor your cover to your needs and budget.

Can I get breakdown recovery?

Yes. All our van warranty plans come with breakdown cover as standard and we go the extra mile to include vehicle hire, onward travel and other expenses.

What is the duration of the vehicle warranty?

Our cover plans are for 12, 24 or 36 months. There are also different levels of cover that we have carefully crafted to match your

Can I choose my own garage?

Yes. You can use any VAT registered garage of your choice, however, we always recommend using one of our Approved Repairers. These repair facilities undergo careful monitoring to guarantee the best workmanship and service quality.

Different types of warranties.

Insured vs Assured (Discretionary) warranty. What's the difference?

Insured Warranty

Insured warranty schemes involve agreements with insurance companies and underwriters. They indemnify policyholders against losses caused by covered parts in specific circumstances.

Repair decisions require underwriter authorisation, and coverage operates in clear-cut terms without grey areas.

Non-Insured (Discretionary) Warranty

Discretionary warranty schemes rely on the supplier’s discretion to resolve consumer problems. They offer more flexibility in terms and conditions. Repairs can be authorised in-house, including costly ones, resulting in faster turnaround times.

Discretionary warranties can extend coverage to include repairs in the u0022grey area.u0022 Appointing an independent arbiter ensures that the consumer is protected and that any dispute is resolved in a fair and un-biased manner.

Who is the independent arbiter for Warrantywise?

Master mechanic Edd China is the expert arbiter for Warrantywise. As arbiter, Edd will be responsible for supporting Warrantywise and its customers by providing input to the contents of its leading extended warranty plans.

As a master mechanic, Edd is perfectly placed to not only be able to advise on how to ensure its warranty plans are in keeping with industry trends and provide competitive advantages, but also ensure it meets the highest level of service and protection possible. He will also exercise his discretion and hold the final say over any repairs and can overturn any decision he doesn’t deem fair or reasonable on any customer’s’ behalf.

Edd China holding a Warrantywise cup

Steps to get you back on the road.

It all starts with a phone call to us and we’ll go from there.
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Step 1.

Call us to log your repair

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Step 2.

Fault diagnosis assessed

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Step 3.

If approved, repairs are carried out

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Step 4.

Back on the road

What are the different cover levels?

Once you're ideal plan has been selected based on your cars age, make and mileage you can choose additional elements to personalise your warranty to suit your needs and budget.

Warranty FAQ’s.

Each plan warranty is slightly different in the level of cover it provides, so please refer to the ‘what does my plan cover’ page for details.

Our warranties are designed to provide the widest potential scope of repairs for the age and mileage of your vehicle. We automatically select the most appropriate level of plan for your vehicle, which you can then tailor to meet your specific needs during the online quote process or by speaking with one of our team of warranty experts on 0800 001 4990, who will help you through the process.

Our warranties are available in lengths to suit your needs. From monthly warranties to 12, 24 or 36 month warranties.

If you purchased your plan directly, then yes. If you sell your van, you can transfer the remainder of your van warranty plan to your new vehicle. Depending on the make, age and mileage of your new van additional charges may apply. Call our admin team on 0800 001 4990 for full details.

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