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Warrantywise’s top 12 money-saving tips for motorists.

It seems that costs are constantly rising these days, from food shops to energy bills and everything in between – and one of the hardest-hit groups are motorists.

At Warrantywise, we know just how important it is for car owners to save money where they can, which is why we’ve listed our 12 top tips for how motorists can protect their pockets.

From handy hints and tips on car insurance to lightening your load on the roads, keep reading for more advice on how motorists can save money.

1. Stay on top of tyre pressure

Car Tyre Pressure Check in the Service Garage.

This is a legal requirement, but did you also know that it’s also a good way to keep your costs down too?

Over time, tyres will experience wear and tear, which is part and parcel of car ownership. But making sure your tyres are regularly inflated can stop uneven wear in its tracks.

Tyres that don’t have the correct air pressure levels could be a source of unnecessary energy waste, so remember to check your tyre pressure regularly for optimal performance. It is also important for your safety.

This will also prevent you from having to pay for replacement tyres as regularly, which can end up costing motorists a lot of money over the course of a car’s lifetime.

As well as checking the tyre pressure it’s worth checking if you have the correct tyres for your vehicle. EU tyre label regulations require that all tyre manufacturers state the energy efficiency of their tyres. Tyres are rated A to G relating to fuel efficiency, safety and noise, so choosing A-rated tyres instead of G-rated tyres could save you more than 6 litres of fuel every 1,000 kilometres. Check with your supplier they should be able to tell you the rating of your new tyres.

2. Make the most of loyalty cards

As petrol, diesel and gasoline are now more expensive than ever before, loyalty cards are a great way to save money and earn loyalty points in the process.

A lot of popular supermarkets also offer loyalty schemes, which can be redeemed against the purchase of fuel, allowing you to make some seriously great savings.

Many supermarkets also have great connections with fuel companies which can offer discounted fuel prices. Similarly, some petrol companies also offer rewards schemes for regularly visiting their petrol stations, with discounts of up to 10 pence per litre. You can find cheap petrol prices online in your area with petrol comparison sites such as .

3. Get a black box

If you’re new to driving or car ownership, having a black box fitted can help you save money when it comes to expensive insurance premiums. Black boxes work by recording and monitoring the way you drive your car. So, things like sudden braking, sharp turns and not keeping to the speed limit will ultimately have a bearing on how much your car insurance will cost.

Black boxes and telematics devices aren’t just for junior drivers either, they can be installed in the car of any type of driver and could be a way to keep your monthly insurance bill down. If you’ve had several years of safe driving your insurance will already know this and a black box will probably not

Some policies set driving restrictions such as a curfew after which you are not allowed to drive, usually during the night. Driving at night is statistically when you are most likely to have an accident. Breaking your driving restrictions can however lead to your insurance costs rising.

For more information on how to get a black box installed, and to see how much it could save you on car insurance in the long term, speak to your insurance provider or get a free quote online.

4. Remove the roof rack

Black roof rack on black estate car.

Did you know that removing unnecessary items like roof racks and roof boxes can help you save money on petrol? Adding a roof rack, roof box or bike carrier attachment to your car on average uses 0.6 litres more fuel per 100km [1]. Unloading your roof box can help you to save up to 25% more on petrol, which can make your journeys a lot more cost-effective and get you where you need to go quicker.

It will also pave the way for a smoother ride, as your vehicle will become a lot more aerodynamic.

5. Car sharing is caring

Sharing regular journeys with colleagues, friends, and family is another great way for motorists to reduce monthly outgoings.

This will also reduce the amount of stress on your vehicle, as sharing the driving and alternating vehicles will mean that your car spends less time on the road, reducing the wear and tear that can occur over the course of your ownership.

Car sharing or carpooling is really easy to organise and will allow you to split petrol costs straight down the middle, and there are also significant environmental benefits too. Interested in reducing your carbon footprint? It’s easier than you think.

If your current journey takes you to the centre of London or a zone where charges or tolls apply, having someone else along for the ride can also help you with the costs associated with frequent travel.

Alternatively, we’ve also put this helpful blog together on ‘how to avoid the congestion zone in London.’

6. Park for free

Trading your regular parking spot in a carpark for free parking is an effective way to save money.

The secret is definitely to plan ahead, as you might need to leave home slightly earlier to secure your space or walk a little bit longer to get to your destination. A walk into the office is also a good way to stay fit and can clear your head, setting you up for the day ahead.

This top tip is particularly helpful for those who must park regularly for work and spend a lot of money in the process.

7. Ditch the car wash

Another easy way to save money is to swap your regular car wash for a hand wash at home. Although you’ll initially have to invest in car shampoo, cloths, wax, and polish, you’ll be able to use these items time and time again.

Swapping out a car wash once a month can ultimately save you a lot of money down the line, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel down the line is also not to be knocked.

If you’re looking for more tips, here are ‘the best ways to wash your car in seven easy steps.’

8. Don’t wait for things to get worse

Close up of large crack in car windscreen with blurred van background.

It’s important to fix things like car windscreen chips or a slow puncture, as and when they happen, instead of waiting. This is because small issues have a habit of escalating and can ultimately cost you a lot more money down the line.

Getting your car regularly serviced is also a really good way to identify problems and fix them before they get worse. Also a service will ensure your car is well maintained and running smoothly and improve your fuel consumption. Check with your car owners manual or main dealer how often you need to regularly service your vehicle.

9. Avoid travelling at peak times

If you’re looking to save money, one of the best ways to do this is to avoid travelling at peak times. Commuting or taking a long drive when hundreds of motorists are also on the road can mean you’re queueing for longer and burning petrol in the process.

If you’re looking for more tips on reducing your fuel consumption check out our ‘car money saving tips’ here.

10. Drive more economically

The approach you take to driving plays a large role in saving money, as driving with an environmental mindset will stop you from burning unnecessary petrol and diesel, and help you to save money along the way too.

  • Don’t idle – starting your engine before you set off uses fuel
  • Utilise all your gears – driving in the correct gear saves fuel
  • Drive at a consistent speed
  • Avoid built-up or busy routes
  • Carry less weight
  • Use your air-con only when you need to –  at low speeds, air-con increases fuel consumption
  • Choose premium fuel – higher octane (premium unleaded) fuels are supposed to be more fuel efficient as they require less fuel to create the same amount of power as lower octane fuels. 
  • Stick to the legal limit –  going faster uses more fuel. Drive at 70mph and you’ll use up to 9% more than at 60mph and 80 mph can use up to 25% more fuel
  • Plan your journey – knowing the quickest route to where you are going will save both time and fuel

If you’re interested in learning more top tips, don’t forget to check out ‘three easy ways motorists can offset carbon emissions.’

11. Review your car insurance

Shopping around for car insurance is a fail-safe way to protect yourself from unnecessary spending. Instead of comparing quotes yourself, there are a variety of helpful price comparison tools that will be able to give you the best price for the cover you need.

Paying for your car insurance annually, as opposed to monthly instalments can also help to save you money too. This is because you won’t have to pay interest on the credit agreement required on monthly direct debits. So, if you can initially afford to pay in one lump sum, don’t hesitate.

Some people find that adding an experienced driver to their policy is another way to lower costs, instead of drivers holding individual policies. If you’re looking for a firm price, contact your insurance provider for more information.

12. Have a comprehensive warranty in place

Having an extended warranty in place will protect you from the unnecessary costs associated with urgent repairs and breakdowns.

Car warranties from Warrantywise also offer added value, including breakdown cover and hire cars, which is a lot cheaper than holding specific policies for these types of cover.

To get your free quote today for cover you can be confident in, visit the quote section of our website.

[1] How will a roof rack affect your car? Express, June 25, 2022

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