The Warrantywise guide to saving money at the pump with loyalty rewards

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  • We often use our loyalty reward cards to gather points and save money on our grocery shopping, but how often do we take advantage of the fuel rewards? Now is a great time to maximise your loyalty rewards and save money on fuel. One of the reward cards in your purse/wallet could be used at your local fuel station as well as your local supermarket. 
  • Some UK supermarkets have teamed up with UK petrol stations to bring you rewards, and some offer points which result in money off at fuel stations. This article will hopefully shed a little clarity on the fuel reward savings available, depending on what type of card you have. We look forward to sharing this advice to help you save at the pump.


  • Tesco provides rewards in the form of vouchers when you spend money at their fuel stations. Here’s how you’ll benefit from using their reward scheme. 
  • The card you’ll need: Tesco Clubcard 
  • The reward scheme: You’ll get 1 point for every £2 you spend on fuel at a Tesco fuel station. 
  • The reward you’ll receive: Your points turn into vouchers to help you save on your weekly groceries, fun days out and much more. 150 points will get you a £1.50 voucher.


  • The Sainsbury’s Nectar Card is great as you can use it at Sainsbury’s petrol stations, supermarkets as well as Esso fuel garages. The reward scheme works differently when using it at Esso but we’ll go through how you can use it at Sainsbury’s petrol stations first. 
  • The card you’ll need: Nectar Card 
  • The reward scheme: You’ll get 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel when you fill up at Sainsbury's petrol stations.
  • The reward you’ll receive: 500 points are worth £2.50 at Sainsbury's. You can spend your points in-store or online.

Here’s how the Nectar Card reward scheme works with Esso fuel garages. 

  • The card you’ll need: Nectar Card 
  • The reward scheme: You can use your Nectar points to get 5p off every litre of fuel when you swap 300 points. 
  • How you can claim: Have your Nectar card, key tag or our handy app at the ready the next time you pop into an Esso station to fill up on fuel or snacks for the road. 
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Marks & Spencers 

    • This one is in conjunction with BP garages so you’ll need to make sure you’re spending on the M&S products at a BP M&S, a main store M&S, or online with M&S. Here we explain how it works. 
    • The card you’ll need: M&S Sparks
    • The reward scheme: When you purchase M&S products at BP you will receive Sparks points which are as follows: 
    • Every time you shop = 10 sparks
    • Every £1 you spend = 10 sparks
    • Every review you write = 25 sparks
  • Every time you Shop = 50 sparks
  • Where you can use your card: Use your Sparks card every time you shop at a bp M&S, a main store M&S, or online with M&S. From this M&S Sparks will understand what you like to buy and create a selection of personal offers. The more sparks you collect the more offers you unlock.


  • Waitrose has teamed up with Shell to provide you money off your food shopping when you buy fuel at Shell garages in the UK. Here are the rewards you’ll receive. 
  • The card you’ll need: Shell Drivers’ Club 
  • The reward scheme: Swipe your Shell Drivers’ Club card every time you visit Shell and you’ll be sent vouchers for money off your Waitrose food shop. 
  • The reward you’ll receive: Every 500 Shell Drivers’ Club points are exchanged for £2.50 in vouchers to spend at Waitrose.


  • Morrisons used to offer fuel rewards as part of their old scheme, however, they changed their offering back in March 2021 which resulted in fuel rewards no longer being available.
  • They do, however, offer one-off spot discounts, such as their most recent one in February 2022, which gave customers 7p per litre of fuel when they spent over £40 in store. If you have a MyMorrisons app, it’s worth keeping an eye on when these offers are available. 


  • Despite having hundreds of petrol stations in the UK, Asda does not currently offer a dedicated loyalty scheme. The chain is said to be trialling a pilot scheme in Newcastle currently

It all adds up 

  • With fuel prices currently at a high, it makes sense to take advantage of your loyalty reward schemes where you can. You may already be using your cards and have gathered a considerable amount of points that can help you get money off your fuel or shopping expenses. Either way, these savings will soon build up quickly once you are using your card regularly. 
  • Another way to make small changes and generate big savings is by reducing your fuel consumption. Here are our 8 tips to help reduce your fuel consumption. They’re really easy to do and can help save you a lot when they are combined and used across the year. You’ll also find a suggested app that can help you find the cheapest fuel locally.