Warranty Repairs at any VAT Registered Garage


If you’ve been put off taking out an extended car warranty because you believe you’ll be restricted as to which garages you can get your car repaired at if something goes wrong, you can relax – Warrantywise deal with any VAT registered garage or repair facility.

When your car suffers a failure and needs a repair, you can get the required work done at any approved repairer, main dealer or independent local garage – It’s up to you! The repairer/garage needs to be VAT registered, that’s all. Most garages are, so this isn’t something you need to worry about.

You can also select the labour rate you need to suit your own car and circumstances. Some manufacturers’ main dealer network garages charge more than other makes of car and many charge for diagnostics. Yours may be a relatively expensive car to buy and repair, so we give you the option of increasing the covered garage labour rate to suit your vehicle. Our Platinum Plus plan includes the top rate of £200 per hour for dealer repairs.

If you’re still a bit lost by the whole thing and would prefer us to recommend a garage to carry out the authorised warranty repairs on your car, we do have a network of approved repairers we can recommend who have national account facilities.

For complete peace of mind that you've made the right choices when selecting options on your Warrantywise Car Warranty, or if you just need advice regarding garages and repairs, give us a call on 0800 001 4990, or send us an email at sales@warrantywise.co.uk.