What Bad Driving Habits Drive You Up The Wall?


Road rage. It’s been getting increasingly worse these last few years. In fact, there’s even a website on which people can post reports about when they had to deal with inconsiderate or dangerous drivers.

Whilst everyone has their own particular grievances in day-to-day life, it seems that driving tends to bring out a lot of common annoyances in the UK road user.

We recently conducted a survey to find out what your biggest pet hates were when out on the road. Maybe not surprisingly, it seems people who use their mobile phones when driving tend to drive motorists up the wall the most. (no pun intended).

We found that around 70% of people surveyed said this was the thing that really made their blood boil when out and about. Well over half of people said that potholes were also quite high on the list of annoying road issues, whilst 50% stated ‘Boy Racers’ were a big nuisance for them.

A massive 60% of respondents admitted that people over or undertaking them was a one-way ticket to anger management sessions. This was a similar number for those who stated ‘Drivers who do not indicate properly or at all.

In a (somewhat) shocking turn of events, the UK driving majority seems to have a special place in their hearts for cyclists. We were as shocked as you were, which is why we demanded a recount. (just kidding).

However, the fact remains that half of people surveyed said that they considered cyclists only a minor inconvenience and 40% said the same thing about pedestrians.

WW Driving Pet Hates - FINAL

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