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Warranty Cost vs Repair

Car Repair Bills can cost up to 5x more than a warranty

Warrantywise data shows that, on average, a car repair bill costs up to 5x more than
an average warranty. Making the cost of having a car warranty significantly lower
than an average repair, saving you money in the long run!

Car Warranty Dealer
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Warranty Car Warranty Dealer

As a car dealer, it is your duty to offer your customers the highest level of cover, not only to protect them from unexpected breakdowns but also to protect yourself and strengthen your own reputation. Warrantywise can offer this cover! Selling Warranties has never been more beneficial. Not only can you increase your profits, you can also collect points to spend on products for your dealership.

Quentin Willson

In order to create what we believe is the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty, we needed advice from the definitive force in all things warranty. There was only one person who knew the motor industry enough and had the knowledge we needed to truly understand what you, the customer, needed.

That person was Quentin Willson, as a consumer champion and expert in all fields automotive, he was the one person we could rely on to create a used car warranty that was 100% transparent and most importantly, worth the paper it is printed on.

Quentin Willson Quentin Willson
Quentin Willson

Warranty Wise Dealers

Some of the largest dealers in the country are Wise Dealers, here are just a few of them

Tom hartley
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Every year over 1,000,000 cars are left unprotected when their manufacturer’s warranty expires. Such vehicles have the potential to cost their owners millions of pounds in repair bills during the vehicle’s fourth year and beyond. Modern vehicles can cost a small fortune to fix if they go wrong and with some main dealers now charging up to £200 per hour the labour charges alone can be crippling. Watch the videos below to find out more.

Get peace of mind with a used car warranty

Renowned motoring authority Quentin Willson talks about how a car warranty can give you complete peace of mind and protection if your car suffers a breakdown.

Quentin Willson's Guide to Car Dealer Warranty

Quentin Willson fronts trade facing video guide for car dealers offering used car warranty. Choose Warrantywise for your customers

Warrantywise testimonial with Tom Hartley

Tom Hartley, dealer of luxury and performance cars for over 40 years, explains why all the cars he sells come with Warrantywise cover.

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