Warrantywise Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary with Castle Motors

Founded in 1972, Castle Motors is a family owned and run business. With a purpose-built luxury showroom, their forecourt has a wide range of vehicles on display, including some of the world’s most prestigious marques. Castle Motors have been using Warrantywise to protect their used vehicles since 2011, and we recently got in touch with them to talk about their experience with Warrantywise, here is what they had to say.

Proctor Cars

Why did you choose Warrantywise?

Having previously used two other used car warranty companies, Castle Motors did not have the full 100% trust and confidence in them, stating, “we did not like putting our name to other warranty companies, which is why we didn’t sell very many. It’s difficult to sell a product that you do not have faith in. With Warrantywise we are happy to sell them as we appreciate that their quality will reflect back upon us as the selling dealership.”

Castle Motors wanted to use the best warranty company to protect their cars, so after some research they decided to start using Warrantywise based on the level of coverage, the Quentin Willson approval, the terms, branding and online reviews. Castle Motors rated the service from Warrantywise a 10/10 stating that, “the level of service and ease of claiming are second to none. Warranties are also easy to personalise and great value for the level of cover provided, and, are easy to use and process online.”

Repairs Procedure

On the unfortunate event of a breakdown, Warrantywise have a simple and straightforward repairs procedure . When asking Castle Motors about their experience with the repairs procedure, as they do request repairs on behalf of their customers, they praised the repairs process as being quick and easy to deal with, “the whole process is fast & easy. Payment is quick, and most importantly fair. Telephone customer service especially during the claim procedure is quick and efficient.”

Further going on to say, “this is in stark contrast to other warranty companies that I have dealt with in the past. Occasionally we have to claim on other companies warranties when vehicles come in, often we sit on the phone for tens of minutes waiting for them to answer, when they do they seem to put hoops for you to jump through to get paid out. It is companies like this that give the industry bad press.”

Booking Process

When booking on warranties, car dealers can either use the online system or ring their dedicated account manager. Castle Motors prefer the online system stating, “we particularly like the online system, it is swift and easy to use even for computer non literate people.”

Castle Motors said their top three reasons for using Warrantywise are:

Ease and speediness of claims procedure
Level of coverage
Satisfaction and peace of mind for customers

Proctor Cars praised the overall service received by Warrantywise stating, “We have a great relationship with Warrantywise and their friendly service is second to none.”

“It is vital for us to protect our cars with the best level of cover.”
Lindsay Metcalfe

Meet their Account Manager… Lindsay

I started my journey at Warrantywise in April 2012, however, I did not join the trade department until July 2013. This is when I took over managing the account for Castle Motors and I have built up a great working relationship over the last 3 and a half years.

I love my job as an Account Manager because of the relationships I am able to build with car dealers. It is great to be able to call Castle Motors on a monthly basis and not feel like it is a “sales call” but more of a catch up call.

Dale is my main point of contact at Castle Motors and I find it so easy to talk to him. He knows that should he ever need anything then he can just call or email me and I will help him.

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