MelWood Automotive

Why did you choose Warrantywise?

MelWood have been utilising the services of Warrantywise for almost 6 years now. Back in 2011 when MelWood was founded, we spent much time carefully considering the various warranty companies that had approached us wanting to do long term business. As you can imagine, there were files and files of information to go through, each with companies detailing exactly what they could offer us, how their claims procedures worked and what seemed endless small print to read through! However when the time came to make a decision, it was clear that Warrantywise stood head and shoulders above the rest and was potentially a perfect business associate for MelWood moving forwards.

We pride ourselves at MelWood on offering a very bespoke level of personal customer service, adopting that all important ‘can do’ attitude in everything we do. Very quickly it became clear that Warrantywise operate their business in exactly the same way. Put the customer first, worry about the corporate stuff later. We found Warrantywise offered not only the very best professional warranty coverage in the UK, but it also took a ‘hassle-free’ approach to the way they do business. Obviously this all makes for great reading, but the only time you ever find out how good a warranty company is, is when the client is required to make a claim.

MelWood Automotive

Repairs Process

Naturally at MelWood we prepare our vehicles to the very highest standards within the motor industry, and this is demonstrated by our company having one of the very lowest warranty claim rates in the country. However on a very rare occasion where our client suffered a rear LED lamp failure on their 4 year old Bentley Continental GT by a simple diode malfunction, the simple online claims process was dealt with within minutes and Warrantywise issued authorisation for the £1,200 repair to be carried out. The result? Our client was back in their car, all repaired and within 24 hours. It really doesn’t get any better than that now does it!!

However, we find it is also the personal touches that count too, especially in an age where both consumers and companies alike are being driven towards the ‘do it yourself’ online business models. We at MelWood have never been fond of this new direction as it takes away that all important ‘personal touch’ from business to customer, therefore, we are very lucky to have the very best Account Manager in the business (Rachael Taylor) working closely with us on a one-to-one basis looking after our warranty requirements as necessary. This is exactly how business should be!

Melwood Automotive Cars said their top three reasons for using Warrantywise are:

  • Ability to offer our clients with the very best warranties in the business.
  • Ability to offer our clients a ‘hassle-free’ way of claiming should the need ever arise.
  • Great value for money should our customers wish to extend their cover through the years of vehicle ownership.

Melwood Automotive praised their overall experience with Warrantywise stating, “Warrantywise have a very easy booking system, with a simple claims procedure, Warrantywise provide us with an overall pleasant experience, allowing our vehicles to be covered straightaway.”

“We would like to thank Warrantywise for their association with MelWood over the past 6 years, and we hope to continue to build upon this strong partnership for many years to come as MelWood continues to grow.”