Optima Cars

Why did you choose Warrantywise?

Four years ago, Optima Cars decided to choose Warrantywise as their warranty provider to protect their cars and to provide their customers with peace of mind. Optima stated, “After spending many years using various other warranty companies and suffering all kinds of bad experiences we were luckily recommended to use Warrantywise and have never looked back”.

Optima Cars praised the service they receive from Warrantywise stating, “Like any reputable dealer, we try to prepare our cars before they leave the showroom the very best we can to avoid warranties being required. We feel that our partnership with Warrantywise gives great peace of mind not only to our customers but to our internal team also”.

Optima Cars

Booking Process

When booking on warranties, car dealers can either use the online system or call their dedicated Account Manager. Optima Cars praised the online system, stating, “The booking system could not be easier or more straight forward. The sytstem recommends the correct level of warranty cover for the car when we input the age and mileage into the system, we cannot go wrong. The system provides us with great amounts of detail to report back to and trace, making our life easier.”

Optima Cars said their top three reasons for using Warrantywise are:

The website and booking system is transparent, easy to use and straight forward.
Warrantywise allow us to gain a reputation of trust with customers, giving them peace of mind.
The service provided from point of sale material, to dedicated customer support and technical assistance is second to none in the industry.”

Optima Cars praised the overall service received by Warrantywise stating, “Overall we are more than happy with our relationship with Warrantywise, and we hope this relationship will continue for many years to come.”

“We were recommended to use Warrantywise and have never looked back”