Tom Hartley shares his experience with Warrantywise

Warrantywise went to visit Tom Hartley recently, to speak to him about his experience with the company. Warrantywise were shown around the 40-acre Hartley countryside estate in Derbyshire that houses the supercars. Tom stated that his aim is to ensure the quality, luxury and heritage him and his son Carl have worked hard to portray in Tom Hartley, is also visible and carried through from a warranty company. Protecting his luxury used cars with a warranty that him and his customers can trust is important to him.

Warrantywise have provided Tom Hartley with the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty for over 12 years. Tom stated, since dealing with Warrantywise “we’ve had a great relationship, we’ve never ever had any problems, they honour their warranty cover and they do it very efficiently.” Tom went on to state the process of dealing with Warrantywise as straightforward and simple, praising the one-to-one service Warrantywise provide to car dealers.

Tom Hartley

Tom Hartley is one of the leading motor dealers in the industry, having dealt with repeat and new business for over four decades. Tom specified that the key to repeat business is through maintaining a reputable and good relationship with customers. Tom stated that, ensuring customers are happy with their car as well as the aftercare, is only possible with a warranty. He explained that Warrantywise understand the value of business, so when a customer encounters a fault with the car, Warrantywise adhere to it straightaway and get it repaired.

When asked why he chose Warrantywise, Tom stated, as our cars are sold worldwide, it is important to gain a reputation of trust with customers, which encourages repeat business, “Being established for over 43 years, it is very important to us that our customers are very comfortable with the warranty we put on our used cars.” He continued by saying,

“When we sell a car with the name Tom Hartley on it and a Warrantywise cover we are 100% happy.”

Tom identified similarities in Warrantywise and Tom Hartley stating, “I see a lot of Warrantywise strengths and services as the same as Tom Hartley, it is a family owned business and they understand the importance of dealing with issues and how quick they have to be dealt with.”

Adding to the reputation factor, Tom stated,

“When anybody see’s the name Quentin Willson in contact or connected to any business, they’re going to assume it’s the best. I have no doubt in my mind that there isn’t a better warranty company in this country.”

Tom praised the Warrantywise repairs process as being simple and easy to deal with stating, cars do break down that’s why they have warranties. Further going on to describe the Warrantywise warranty cover to the equivalent, and just as good as a franchise dealerships or manufacturers warranty.