Car Dealer Downloads

As always, we have tried to make things as easy and straight forward for you as possible and that’s why we have put together a selection of useful downloads to help you be a wise dealer.

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Dealer Plan v12
(Current Plan Document)

Dealer Plan 2021 DOWNLOAD

Dealer Plan v11.1
(Up to 1st June 2021)

Dealer Plan 2021 DOWNLOAD

Dealer Plan v11
(Up to 24th May 2021)

Dealer Plan 2019 DOWNLOAD

Dealer Plan v10
(Up to 16th Sep 2019)

Dealer Plan 2017 DOWNLOAD

Plan Doc v10.1.1
(Up to 2nd Feb 2018)

Private Plan 2017 DOWNLOAD

Plan Doc v9.3
(Up to 4th Aug 2014)

Assessment Form DOWNLOAD

Dealer Admin Agreement
(Updated 1st April 2019)

Dealer Admin Agreement DOWNLOAD

Consumer Rights Act
(Car Dealer Guidance)

Dealer Plan 2017 DOWNLOAD

Motorhome Warranty
(Current Plan Document)

Motorhome & Caravan Warranty 2021 DOWNLOAD

Templates and Logo

Download our logo or templates so that you can advertise the UK's Best Car Warranty on your website.

Template 1

04/40 Cover DOWNLOAD

Template 2

04/40 Cover DOWNLOAD

Template 3

04/40 Cover DOWNLOAD

Warrantywise Logo

10/100 Cover DOWNLOAD

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