Q: What should I do if my vehicle develops a fault or a Part breaks down?

A: Stop driving and telephone our Repairs Office on: 0844 335 1988. Listen to the message carefully and make your selection accordingly. If it’s out of office hours, see our Emergency Repairs section.

Q: What if I want to use my local garage?

A: I prefer that you use one of our Approved Repairers whose workmanship and quality is closely monitored to ensure that they are providing the very best customer service. However, if you want to use a different garage that’s not a problem, just make sure that they are VAT registered and that they follow our Repairs Procedure set out within your Plan Schedule. Double check the labour rate they charge matches up with what you’ve selected on your plan.

Q: Who foots the bill?

A: Warrantywise will settle the Authorised Repair Cost as instructed by you. This can either be directly to your chosen Repairer and you will likely have nothing to pay, unless there are valid reasons why we are only paying a part of the bill.

Q: When is my vehicle due for service and who pays for this?

A: Your Vehicle should be serviced by a VAT registered garage following the recommendations of the manufacturer at your own expense. If you fail to do this, then this warranty plan will not apply. Therefore I recommend that you use the services of a main dealer or reliable specialist, whose work is guaranteed and who will ensure nothing is missed out. Not only that, most main dealers and larger dealer groups use the EPYX One Link system which caters exclusively for Warrantywise customers and can give you preferential rates on parts & labour.

Q: Can I cancel my plan and receive a full refund?

A: Yes, all Warrantywise plans come with my ‘No Quibble 30 day Money Back Guarantee’ you can cancel your plan at any time within the first 30 days and providing you have not requested that we meet the cost of any repairs, we will cancel your plan and refund your payment without deduction.

Q: Do I have to get my car inspected before you will cover my vehicle?

An inspection is not required, but we do reserve the right to have your vehicle inspected or request a photo of your milometer in certain circumstances. The deal is this: Your car needs to have a current MOT remaining when you take out the plan and you must ensure your car has been correctly serviced by a VAT registered garage.

Q: Does my vehicle need to have a full service history?

A: I do recommend that you always try to buy a car which has FSH, as there is really nothing like a full book of main dealer service stamps when it comes time to move your car on. It is very important that your vehicle is fully serviced as recommended by the manufacturer within the last 12 months, using a VAT registered garage, during the period of protection.

Q: Can Warrantywise provide a warranty for any Vehicle?

A: Warrantywise can cover almost any make or model of vehicle. This includes commercial Vehicles and high performance sports cars. However, and for obvious reasons, we are unwilling to take on board vehicles used within driving schools, competitive events, modified vehicles or Japanese imports. There are special arrangements through some dealerships for Black Cabs.

Q: Will my call to request a repair or complaint be transferred to a call centre halfway around the world?

A: Definitely not – All calls, including when dealing with repairs, are answered by Warrantywise here in the UK. I have met all the staff and visit the offices regularly. They are a great bunch!

Q: What if my car suffers a breakdown out of office hours or during a holiday period?

You can use our Emergency Repairs Procedure, as detailed in your Plan Schedule: You pay for the repairs yourself, and make sure you retain VAT receipts and if possible save the replaced parts. You can then log the repair when the office re-opens. Also, it’s best to leave an answer-phone message or send an email to the repairs office ASAP just to get your repair on the record. The full details of the Emergency Repairs Procedure are in your Plan Schedule.

Q: What if I need to pay for a hire car?

A: If you have made a valid claim and you require a replacement vehicle then you can call 0844 335 1988 (during office hours) and we will arrange or authorise car hire. Your Plan will pay up to £50 a day, including VAT, up to a maximum of 10 days, towards the cost of Vehicle hire whilst your own Vehicle is undergoing garage repairs up to a maximum of £500 including VAT. If you arrange for your own car hire you must provide appropriate receipts and a hire agreement in your name from a VAT registered car hire firm (proof required).

Q: What about recovery?

A: If your Vehicle suffers a breakdown within the Geographical Limits then you can call 0844 693 1910 (anytime) and we will arrange for an engineer to attend (usually within the hour) to provide roadside assistance and/or recovery to an Authorised Repairer or a Repairer of your choice. Your Plan will pay up to £250, including VAT, towards recovery and up to the Single Repair Limit for roadside assistance ‘only’ if a valid repair is authorised. If you arrange for your own recovery operator you must provide appropriate receipts from a VAT registered recovery operator (proof required) to support any repair.

Q: What happens if I breakdown abroad?

A: The full benefits of Your Plan are valid while your Vehicle is within a current member country of the European Union (EU). You will have to pay the Repairer or Recovery company and keep any replaced Parts and all receipts so that we can assess your repair on your return to the UK.

Q: Can I transfer my warranty if I sell my vehicle?

A: Selling your car with the service and maintenance warranty plan intact may assist in its sale. To request a transfer of your plan send us your request in writing by post, fax or email and supply the details of the person to whom you will be selling your vehicle. There will be a fee of £35 as a contribution towards our cost of transfer. However, Your Plan may not be transferred if the vehicle is sold to a motor dealer or trader or if the unexpired value has been exceeded by Repair Costs.

Q: How can I pay for Warrantywise protection?

A: Warrantywise accept payment using all major credit cards, debit cards and personal cheques. You can choose to pay in a single one off payment or you can in monthly instalments.

Q: My garage says they won’t deal with a warranty company. What do I do?

A: Ask your garage to call the repairs department to log the Vehicle fault. They don’t need an account with us. They just need to confirm their professional opinion so that we know what they have seen is wrong with your car. We need this information to assess the failure. Without it, we have no information to work with. Most garages will call us if they know that we need the information to help you with your repair.

Q: What if I have a complaint?

A: Warrantywise take complaints very seriously and so do I. Any complaint is thoroughly investigated by our Customer Services Department and if necessary by the Managing Director of the entire company! You still have your statutory rights of complaint such as contacting Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or the County Court, but unlike all other warranties, this is a Service and Maintenance Warranty Plan and unlike all other warranties, I have the final discretion if ever things go down to the wire. You can contact me by email: Quentinwillson@warrantywise.co.uk