Service and Maintenance Warranty Plan

Warrantywise have taken a proactive approach to the whole process of servicing, maintaining and repairing your Vehicle. We make sure your car is eligible right at the start of your plan and carry out all the checks other warranty companies do only when you log a Repair. Such as: DVSA MOT, DVLA Service History and valuation. We do this right at the start of your plan and at our own cost to ensure there are no hiccups along the way. We also provide servicing and maintenance facilities at preferential rates to ensure that you maintain your vehicle as reliably as possible, then, if and when a fault occurs, we can repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

Lower Cost Base = Better Value for Money

As a service provider Warrantywise operate as a VAT registered entity. This is a very important attribute in keeping our operating costs to a minimum, enabling us to reclaim the VAT on our overheads and on all service, maintenance and repair bills undertaken under contract to you within your plan. Traditional warranty companies usually operate on an insured basis and are either owned or contracted to an insurance company. This has a big downside; they have to pay at least 15% of your money to their parent insurer as commission and 5% Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), which cannot be reclaimed. Also, they are not permitted to reclaim any of the VAT on their overheads or Repair payments and have to pass this cost onto you. If you do the maths this all adds up to 40% of costs which is passed onto you within your premium.

Insured v Independent

For many years Warrantywise operated as a self funded cover holder at Lloyd’s of London (the world’s largest and most respected insurance market) utilising our own capital. In designing our service and maintenance warranty plan we decided to become fully independent but still operate the same underwriting model as required by Lloyd’s of London, thus pooling all payments into a segregated client transfer account. This account is set up with senior management at NatWest and managed by professional underwriting managers to ensure there are always sufficient contingency funds to meet all current and future repair liabilities.

Secure Business Model

Warrantywise is a secure business and the owners of Warrantywise are financially independent. The senior partners have operated within the warranty marketplace for almost 30 years and are Fellows of the Institute of the Motor Industry. The business is operated on prudential lines utilising owner reserves of capital but importantly, without the need for shareholders, bank loans or overdrafts.


An important aspect in the design of our plan was to include and insist that we control the business and to this end we, both contractually and legally, operate on a completely discretionary basis. We believe this provides us with more power than previously when operating under the strict controls of Lloyd’s Underwriters. We use this discretion to ensure that, as our customer, you receive a fair and equitable resolution to each and every request you make. Most insured warranties are designed with what Quentin Willson calls ’weasel words’. These words and phrases are there to ensure that the underwriter has the power to dispute or disallow repairs and so reduce payouts, as this is the only way an insurer can easily control his cost base. We believe we use our discretion wisely and only in the interests of our customers. This protects us against fraud and enables us to extend the level of service to deal with any given situation.

What If I Have a Complaint?

"Warrantywise take complaints very seriously and so do I. Any complaint is thoroughly investigated by Declan Bailey, our Customer Relations Manager and finally by the boss at Warrantywise, Lawrence Whittaker. They normally sort things out just fine, but you can always contact me personally at:

You still have your statutory rights of complaint such as contacting Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or County Court but unlike most other warranties, this is a Service and Maintenance Warranty Plan and unlike their warranties, I have the final ‘discretion’ if ever things go down to the wire." - Quentin Willson

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