15 of the Best Modern Car Adverts

Huge budgets, passion and innovation; These are the ingredients that make up modern cars. The same can be said for their adverts.

Best 15 modern car adverts

While TV adverts might just be the bane of your life, there are some real gems out there that genuinely intrigue, surprise and inspire. Car manufacturers have thoroughly embraced TV advertising and have produced some of the best works of art we have ever seen.

Here at Warrantywise, we love thought-provoking and awe-inspiring advertising, so we've gathered together some of the best car adverts to air since the millennium, to remind you of the greats and draw attention to some newer ads you might not yet have seen.

Mercedes - "Welcome to the Family"

This Mercedes-Benz advert really captures the imagination of it's audience whether they know the company's lineage or not. It does a beautiful job of showcasing Mercedes' 125-year history. We had to have this advert sitting proudly at the top of our list.

Toyota - How great I am

The "How Great I am" Toyota advert is the kind of production that will leave you feeling inspired and energised. A famous speech from the legendary Muhammed Ali can be heard throughout the ad which will surely set a fire in the belly of any listener.

Chrysler - Born of Fire

This one wasn't expected by anybody. The advert features the rapper Eminem cruising through his home town of Detroit. For those that have been to the city of Detroit or watched "8-mile", this advert may give you déjà vu.

Kia - The Perfect Getaway

This tongue-in-cheek ad from Kia features Pierce Brosnan and his agent mulling over a new movie role that is a little different to his usual tipple. With immense visual appeal, this advert is another instant classic.

Volkswagen - The Force

Simply hilarious. Volkswagen don't often get things wrong and this ad is no exception. We all wanted super powers at some point or another so you can't blame little Vader for trying to learn the force early on.

Skoda - Fabia cake

We're sure you've seen this before. The advert that needs no introduction, the Fabia cake. Yum!

Audi - New R8

The Audi R8 V10 plus ad is a monster. It lulls you into a sense of serenity as you get a close-up glimpse of the German beast. Moments later however the watcher is treated to a mechanical symphony intended to blow them away.

Dodge - Mans last stand

Another tongue-in-cheek ad, this time from Dodge. The advert touches on the silent battle of Men around the world. We're not sure about you, but this advert makes us here at Warrantywise smile every time.

Mercedes - Fable

Another Mercedes advert that once again speaks to your inner child. The Fable features the old story of the tortoise and the hare, only this time, there's a 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S in the mix.

Honda - keep up

Honda know how to make a brilliant ad and "Keep Up" is no different. There is no other advert in history that sets you up for sheer amazement quite like this one. It symbolises the constant push to be faster, better and stronger. We bet you didn't know you could read that fast!

Ford - Rock it like Block

Ken Block fans will remember this advert for good reason. Ford actually worked with Block when making their new Fiesta so the advert showcases exactly what has changed and improved in the car at the hands of a master.

Nissan - Silent Ride

This Advert from Nissan is a perfect demonstration of the car's abilities. While many car adverts leave a lot to the imagination when it comes to the motor itself, the Nissan Leaf "Silent Drive" does just the opposite. It's also great fun.

Audi - The Chase

Vauxhall - Hide and Seek

Vauxhall's slogan is "Put the fun back into driving", and they certainly performed by definition in this fantastic advert. If we could get our hands on a set of brand new Vauxhall Corsas then we would be the first in line to play a bit of hide and seek.

Shell/Ferrari - F1 History

While not specifically a car advert, this Shell/Ferrari ad is very much targeted at the Formula 1 fan. It gives a glimpse into the history of Ferrari and Formula 1 and how the sport has changed over the years.

The Not-So Good

We hope you enjoyed this run-down of our favourite car TV advertisements. Which is your favourite? Are there any that you feel should of made the list? It's only our opinion at the end of the day and we welcome yours with open arms. Simply leave your comments below!