5 of the Safest Cars on the Market

We all love the sleek designs, thrilling acceleration and technological features of a car, however, safety when driving is an important factor to consider when buying a new car. After all, visual appeal simply isn’t enough to prevent a crash.

Not to worry though, because by using Euro NCAP crash test data, we’ve put together a list of the five safest cars, equipped with life preserving technology, that are now available. Experts at Euro NCAP test all new cars for safety and award each model a score out of 100 for adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist systems, after they have been crash tested.

Are you in the market for a car that’s safe? Read on to learn about five of the safest cars available in the UK.

Safest small family car: Volvo V40


Passenger safety is Volvo’s most important concern. The company has been the first to introduce a range of safety developments and the V40 certainly illustrates the company’s reputation for protecting its customers. The V40 scored extremely high in all four categories making it the safest car on our list. It is arguably the safest car on the road, and along with the comfort, style and fuel efficiency it makes it a tempting choice for families.

  • Adult occupant protection: 98 per cent
  • Child occupant protection: 75 per cent
  • Pedestrian protection: 88 per cent
  • Safety assist system: 100 per cent

Safest large family car: BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series was the top performer in the Euro NCAP’S large family car category. As well as protecting yourself and your family, the car is stylish, practical and easy to drive. Safety features include: electronic stability control, rear parking sensors, seatbelt reminders, automatic lights and wipers and six airbags! The boot ensures you get plenty of luggage space and there’s enough legroom in the back for the tallest of people, making the BMW 3 Series a brilliant all-rounder.

  • Adult occupant protection: 95 per cent
  • Child occupant protection: 84 per cent
  • Pedestrian protection: 78 per cent
  • Safety assist system: 86 per cent

Safest supermini: Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Renault has built a reputation for safety over the years and the Clio is no exception. All cars come with cruise control, sat nav, push-button start, traction control, electronic stability control, seatbelt reminders and launch control, making the car even faster and easy to use. Both the stylish exterior and interior design quality of the car is what we’re used to seeing from more expensive brands. The Renault Clio holds the potential for personalisation, so you can truly make the car your own.

  • Adult occupant protection: 88 per cent
  • Child occupant protection: 89 per cent
  • Pedestrian protection: 66 per cent
  • Safety assist system: 99 per cent

Safest small MPV: VW Touran

VW Touran

The VW Touran has recently been updated and it’s clear that safety was a high priority in the upgrade. It comes with a raft of safety features such as, automatic post-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and traffic alerts. With a strong score on the child protection category, along with its solid build quality, comfortable drive and good fuel economy, the Touran is a strong, safe choice for a family car.

  • Adult occupant protection: 88 per cent
  • Child occupant protection: 89 per cent
  • Pedestrian protection: 71 per cent
  • Safety assist system: 76 per cen

Safest large MPV: Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

With an array of safety technologies and a spacious interior, the Ford Galaxy is a great family car. As well as the usual tyre pressure monitors and airbags, the Galaxy comes furnished with an intelligent speed limiter that scans traffic signs to ensure you never break the speed limit. Optional extras include an adaptive cruise control, and active lane-keeping assistance. The Ford Galaxy is immensely practical and a great option when considering the safety of your family.

  • Adult occupant protection: 87 per cent
  • Child occupant protection: 87 per cent
  • Pedestrian protection: 79 per cent
  • Safety assist system: 71 per cent

The following video demonstrates the safest cars being crash tested

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