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13 of the Craziest Things You Can Drive.

Sometimes it’s good to be crazy. Pushing boundaries and testing limits is what innovation is all about and it doesn’t come any better than innovation with engines.

In this blog post, we take a look at 13 of the craziest things you can drive. Some are bold, some are brilliant and some are downright whacky!

AeroMobil 3.0

Have you ever been driving down a virtually empty motorway and found yourself wishing you could spread some wings and take off? Probably not. Never the less, check out the Slovakian AeroMobil 3.0! This mind blowing feet of engineering looks like it has come straight out of the Jetsons. It has a top speed of around 99 mph on the road and 124 mph in the air and is capable of flying up to 435 miles! This is one awesome piece of machinery.


Remember when Jeremy Clarkson had a race with Richard Hammond in Italy using a quad bike that turned into a Jet ski? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the QuadSki. Its 1300cc engine will give you a top speed of 45 mph both on land and water which makes this an extremely versatile bit of kit. If you ever want to cross a lake in style but don’t fancy a speedboat, this is the toy for you.


Taking things skyward is the amazing SkyRunner. Ever fancied tearing up the desert in a dune buggy and then taking to the sky to make it home for tea? Now you can. 0 – 60 mph takes around 4 seconds, top speed is 115 mph and you can achieve a more than steady 55 mph while in the air. The way it’s engineered means even in the air you are pretty much driving a dune buggy – using the accelerator and steering wheel. Brilliant stuff.

Pal-V One

Love helicopters and cars? Fancy a Hybrid? Well look no further. This stunning bit of kit is called the Pal-V One and isn’t she a beauty. Amazingly, the Pal-V One is capable of 112 mph both on land and in the air and so long as you stay below 4000 feet, you wont disturb commercial flight traffic. This is what Stringfellow Hawke would of drove on a Sunday with Airwolf in the garage.


The car that needs no introduction but gets one every time – The DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. This car is literally a moving blast from the past and a true symbol of the 80’s. Unfortunately DeLoreans like this are completely custom so unless you have a serious degree of time, passion (obsession) and savings, you probably won’t get to play with one. “The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

The Batmobile Tumbler

WARNING: Loud and proud. This monstrosity is Batmans Tumbler from the movie “Batman Begins” and its sequels. Surprisingly there are actually quite a few of these dotted around the world and millionaire playboys cannot get enough of them. While it might not be as practical as your average hot hatch, we don’t think you would have any trouble with people cutting you up or not letting you out at junctions. “Does it come in black?…”

Flying Snowmobile

This gut wrenching video shows just how fun it can be to customize your snowmobile with a parachute. If you live in a snowy place or often go on skiing holidays then you will likely want one of these immediately. While the design looks simple, it probably isn’t and it is all completely custom built with the help of Tupla energy company. Dangerous or a jolly good time; we’ll let you decide.


Not one for the weak of stomach, the DiWheel is a project developed by students in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide. Being frustratingly stubborn, awkward and determined to do things its own way, this machine is most certainly male and his name is EDWARD ( Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping ). While the technology leaves a lot to be desired, it’s certainly a cool concept and could be incredibly agile and useful with a few years work.

Monster Ka

An oldie but a goodie – This is the Monster Ka. We have only ever seen one of these and it belongs to the guys you see in this video. As you may well know, the Ford Ka is a tiny little car so to see it tearing up the mud on a four by four chassis is not only amusing, it’s down right interesting. We don’t know about you but if we could, we would have one of these things quicker than you can say “can I have a go?”.


Another symbol of the 80’s, KITT was Michael Knights ( The Hoffs ) ride in the popular TV show Knight Rider. The car was famous for its intelligence and array of weaponry and technology. And the red light thing of course. Many people have attempted to make themselves a KITT but none have succeeded quite like the man you see in this video. All he needs now is a walkie talkie watch and some big hair.

Bubba’s Hover

If your a keen golfer with plenty of disposable income then this might just be the perfect toy for you. This hovering Golf Buggy does exactly what it says on the tin and will even allow you to skim over lakes and bunkers with ease. Famous golfer Bubba Watson came up with this idea and with a little help from Oakley, it became a reality. The best part of the Bubba Hover is the fact it keeps golf courses in immaculate condition as it barely touches the grass.


As with all the greatest cars, this futuristic looking Cosmotron car was built from the ground up in an Englishman’s shed. The Jetsons-style space age design was created by Paul Bacon, who spent 18-months building it. Making use of various recycled materials and other more conventional metals, Paul has created a nostalgic glimpse at the future as we thought it would look 20 years ago.

Spirit of LeMons

U.S. Police officer Jeff Bloch created this awe inspiring ride out of an abandoned Cessna aircraft and a Toyota van. Orginally made to race the 24 Hours of LeMons, this street legal plane is actually a lot faster than it looks. Although it won’t fly, we think this is the most creative and amusing motor we have seen in a while. In total Jeff managed to create this machine with just $8000. Amazing!

So there you have it! 13 of the craziest things you can drive. If you think we’ve missed one let us know in the comments below!

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